Are you a sensitive soul rebel with a big heart?

Are you a truthseeker?

Are you ready to assist Gaia & all relations?

If so, you found the right place!

Blessings. I am Heather Straube, psychic, priestess, and shaman from Portland, Oregon living worldwide. I try to bring my love wherever I go by simply BEING in my PRIESTESS PRESENCE. I also share my heart through divine downloads, DNA Upgrades, shamanic & personal ceremony, soul retrieval, lightcode activations and transformational classes and gatherings.

If you are ready to embrace your deepest wisdom, to Be who you came here to Be, I’m ready to be your Muse & Guide. Together, we will tap your innate, divine wisdom, putting your Soul into action on Great Gaia

Fusing Body & Soul, Earth with Sky, the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine…

We work together to get the Great Work of your life on the road, putting vision into action. We may use a variety of techniques, from psychic to shamanic to galactic, always with the Holy Sofia Codes streaming through…

Feel free to contact me to get started on this sacred journey (Skype/online is most common) to become the radiant, divine person you came here to Be! With spirit communications, intuition development, Galactivations and energy work, the possibilities are endless.

It gives me great satisfaction to provide psychic and celestial tips, techniques, and resources to help you restore confidence and reignite passion and purpose in service to self, loved ones, the Earth and humanity. We don’t have to do this alone. Let’s do it Together!

Many Blessings at this Sacred Time of Great Awakening,

                                                 Heather Dawn