Heather’s Bio

Heather Straube is a galactic priestess, shaman, psychic medium, and lightworker from Portland, OR working worldwide to spread love and manifesting abundance. She is a carrier of the White Buffalo Calf Woman peace pipe, Initiate of Mother Mary and Carrier of the Magdalene Codes.

SE0Heather is clairaudient, clairavoyant, claircognizant, and clairsentient and feels honored to have been called to work the Earth’s Christed gridlines/ley lines at this time. She travels to sacred sites in order to bring Christ Consciousness to the Earth and the People. Heather brings these sacred codes into each and every one of her private sessions.

She is certified as a Reiki Master in the Usui Ryoho tradition by Chery Esau (R.N., Reiki Master Teacher) and initiated into the Ancient Mystery Schools. As well, she was trained in the Curanderisma Shaman traditions of northern Mexico and Bio-energetic therapy modalities by Eduardo Chavarria.

In 2011, Heather was visited by White Buffalo Calf Woman during vision ceremony, at which time she was asked to carry the peace pipe and share it with all relations, as we entered the 2012 gateway. In 1994, she had a prophetic vision of Tatonka, white buffalo, being reincarnated after 100 years. This signaled that the fulfillment of prophecy was coming; It was time for the people to get ready. 1994 was the beginning of a long series of initiations and ancient sacred codes Heather received, as did others.

SE2Heather Straube holds a BA in Anthropology/Gender Studies and a Masters in Teaching from Lewis & Clark College and received a Who’s Who of Teachers in America (2007). Heather started and directed Quaking Grass community center in Portland, where many important soul family reunions took place. Heather has facilitated, led and co-hosted over 222 spiritual and community events to help bring us together and share the teachings.

Heather was a cultural creative in Portland for over two decades, from her social justice work to creating multicultural curriculum for Portland Schools to leading a Songwriters in the Round.

higherlifeHeather has appeared on The Travel Channel’s Dead Files (as a psychic medium), KBOO Radio, KGTV, public television, St Johns Sentinal paper, Sacajawea Alternative Press and speaking engagements on such topics such as Ascension, spiritual development, EarthAngels,  multicultural education and social justice.

Other appearances include: Lotus Centro (Lisbon), Be.live Space (Lisbon), Casarão da Lua (Lisbon), Lewis & Clark College Gender Symposium, Goddess LotusCentroTalkTemple Portland Ceremonial Celebrations, church wellness speeches, New Renaissance Bookstore, Quaking Grass Community Center, Canopy, Breitenbush Retreat Center, public protests, Take Back the Night, Portland Public Schools Board Meetings,  Lincoln Site Council, among others.

Heather taught young people at top notched schools for over 12 years until she fully embraced her true purpose for assisting humanity at this momentous occasion.White Buffalo Calf Woman

She feels blessed by Creator to have been born at this momentous time and to carry the wisdom teachings that might help the Earth and all Relations. She now travels to share this…



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