12:12 Activation – Transmission & Ceremony Instructions (2017)


Strength & Victory After the Storm

Unity, Love, Purpose


on 12:12 (to be done on or before the date)


On 12:12 of each year a portal opens up, a sacred doorway to access our inner wisdom and inner stars. 


 At this sacred time, when the 


light floods into our cellular structure opening up new neurological pathways, we have a great chance to access our creativity, personal expression and intuitive connection with our guides, the Earth and Unity Consciousness.

While I’d like to mention the overall significance of 12:12 each year, as it relates to numerology and the 12-12-12 gateway we experienced several years ago, I also have been trying to focus on simplicity…

2017 was to be the year – us mystics and our guides have said – where the light really would conquer the dark (within us, if we let it, and in the collective). As the year closes, and Mercury is in retrograde, we sit in contemplation about what exactly happened this year – and, boy, it was tough! – and how we are going to navigate the next big cycle.

We are feeling a lot of creative impulses to push out that dead weight, to organize our juicy ideas and to use these piercing light energies to our advantage.

I have asked the guides and I can surely say, we can focus on Victory, Strength and Courage. And, to do so, we have to give ourselves some credit for trusting our intuition a bit more this year. But if we refuse to access it at a higher level we will be forced to repeat the same, boring (and aggravating patterns) to come.

So what were the lessons you learned this year?

How have you conqured obstacles?

What kind of courage are you demanding to move into the next higher octave of your life?

Join us for the 12:12 ACTIVATION, a time of reflection, of upgrade and of getting active in the new year.


I hope to see you in the Circle –

12:12 Activation
12:12 Activation
Please share what you can. Suggested donation $12 to $36. Non-Refundable. Sent by the date listed.
Your Price: $ 

WHAT IS 12:12?

12:12 is said to be a time where we can access our 12-strand DNA, our higher consciousness, aspects of ourselves. This can serve as a kind of personal soul retrieval, at least when I work with you during ceremony and long distance audio transmission.

For me and what I do, your 12:12 transmission becomes a light body upgrade, a cleansing of chakras and auras and a heightening awareness of the magic and skills you already have inside of you.

12:12, generally, can be a time of heightened awareness and manifestation, a time to be very clear about our patterns, distortions, our thoughts and feelings. And, in this instance, how many of these we have worked through during the year/lifetime, and how courageous we were! In my transmission, we work with our energetic bodies and patterns, to loosen them up and make space for the new.

On 12:12, like other gateway dates, it is said our “inner star” has a more direct link to the Earth Star as well as the Galactic Center, creating a personal and collective vortex for change.

The 12:12 energies penetrate our being and work to “upgrade” our soul DNA, our original light template, creating emotional upheaval and/or physical symptoms – a “detox” of sorts. Sometimes, we do ceremony or light transmissions such as this one I am providing to help in that journey.

This can be a lighting up of your personal desire, an opening of your heart and a deeper connection to GAIA and all humanity.

For this 12:12, I am asked to guide you in beautiful meditation to examine your courage and to call in your deepest intuition in service to self and humanity.

In this activation, we focus on…

  • A “Conversation” between your cells for greater Integration of the Light Codes Pouring In
  • Chakra & Aura Cleanse
  • Light Body Activations
  • Mer-Ka-Ba Lightbody Infusion (Christ Consciousness Codes)
  • Unity Heart Activation/Heart Opening/Forgiveness
  • Kundalini Activation
  • Pineal Gland Cleanse for Heightened Sensitivity/Psychic Awareness
  • Draino for the Soul/Karmic Cleansing
  • Guided Visualization & Energy Infusion to take Action
  • Alignment with Soul Mission
  • Organizing & Integrating Lessons from the past to take action in the moment 
  • Restructuring of DNA for Unity Consciousness
  • Letting go of Inner Demons
  • Becoming more Clear About “the path”
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Working the Ley Lines of the Christed Heart…

Blessings, Dear Ones!

Heather has been called by Spirit to work the Earth’s Christed monolithGridlines/Ley Lines at this Sacred time in human history. This includes anchoring Christed frequencies at sacred sites in Europe and North Africa. Heather has completed work at TOMAR & Fatima, Portugal as well as a myriad of other Templar and unique scared sites in this beautiful country. She also feels blessed to have activated Morocco’s Msoura stonehenge, the Straight of Gibralter, Sevilla, Sintra/Lisbon/Fatima (Portugal), Paris & Bourdeaux, France, Iceland, London, the Isle of Wight and Essex, England, Tulum & Coba, Mexico, Barra De Navidad, Mexico, Portland, Oregon, British Columbia ley line sites, Bali, Indonesia among others so important to the work at this time.asilah2015 

Won;t you join her on her lifelong journey to travel, clean outdated portals and to activate dormant codes and pyramids?

As of MAY 2017, Heather is required to go to France in order to do the important work.

All love and support used wisely and with deep love and reverence for ALL LIFE.



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Taking the Oath of the Sacred Activist for a Better Tomorrow…



Do you see too much pain in the world?

Is your heart too big for all of this deception and suffering?

Is it time to make a change?

Join us for The Sacred Activist Oath during this important time in our lives. The world can seem so dark and yet we still strive to be better humans, to lend a helping hand, to seek truth and justice in the world. Sometimes, it can seem unending and daunting, at other times our passion and motivation carry us through…

Now, is the time of THE SACRED ACTIVIST to make a stand.

Now is not the time to give up.

We are just getting started.

Combining Spiritual Wisdom, Your Sacred Heart and Action for a better world…

  • What is it you hope to see change in the world?
  • Where can your heart and spirit be best of service?
  • And, how can greater balance, calm, courage and resilience in your own life create a better tomorrow?

In this AUDIO TRANSMISSION and CEREMONY, we will activate our Sacred Activist Hearts and commit to making long-lasting, positive change in our lives and in the lives of Mother Earth and her People. If we have already made such an oath, we will renew our vows of Integrity, Freedom, Expression, Strength, Empathy & Courageous Action. TOGETHER.


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Womb Medicine: A Shamanic Ceremony

with the Magdalene Codes on the New Moon

soften the heart, enter your womb medicine

July 4th and onwards

Ceremony Instructions & Audio Transmission

kuanyin3we enter the belly of the whale, the womb, the naval, the cunt
women, circling since before time
reuniting our flames of love desire
throwing off the shackles of the wizards & thieves
to become whole again
to share our WombMedicine with the World
and Be One.


Join us for WombMedicine, a Shamanic Ceremony with Audio Transmission, in the privacy of your own sacred space. Through the Power of the Heart & Womb, Water & Flower Magic, you can reignite your Magdalene Codes of Freedom, Desire, Compassion & Care, Potency & Power, Sovereignty & the Sacred Ability to Influence the Greater Good…



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Lisbon Women’s Dance Ceremony! June 25th!

Oh, women of LISBON, PORTUGAL!

I am so happy to be with you on Saturday June 25th (2:30pm) for a sacred women’s Circle, Dance workshop I’ll be holding with another women’s workshop group leader, Tamar!


womanSee you there!


Wear your beautiful clothes or as few clothes as possible!!

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The EROS Transmission & Ceremony: A Journey Into Your Sacred Sensual Self

Dear Ones,

In May, there has been a chance to participate in a most beautiful and powerful Transmission. And it’s still available- THAT EROS THING – for a few more days! It includes a Shamanic Ceremony, Audio Upgrade/Transmission, slow groove dance. SEE BELOW TO PARTAKE & GET THE JUICES FLOWING…

Thank you, and thank you to your Beloved, Beautiful Sacred Sensual Selves for Blessing us on Gaia at this time!


The Eros Transmission & Ceremony…

A Journey Into the Heart of Your Sacred Sensual Self

~ Celebrating Your Divine SoulSignature & Sexual Expression ~

For the New Moon of May 6th and beyond…

Audio Meditation & Dance Journey/Ceremony Included

tantra4We put our weapons down. We listen to the music our hearts and sexual selves play for us. We dance our Truths of Desire. We express. We dance & sing, gyrate & pulsate, alone & in communion, Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine moving through the stars. We choose our lovers & our art wisely. We make ourselves our greatest lover of All. AHO.

Join us for…

AN AUDIO TRANSMISSION & RITUAL (Instructions & Song Mix Included)


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Ix’Chel Divine Rage & Forgiveness: A Full Moon Ritual & Audio Transmission

A Sacred Ritual & Audio Transmission

to be conducted on or before April 21st/April 22nd Full Moon

Shamanic Meditation * Galactic Upgrade * Ceremony Instructions

Owl Shaman Jaguar Medicine Healing by Katherine Skaggs, 2011. www.katherineskaggs.comPURIFY YOUR HEART * LICK YOUR WOUNDS CLEAN * SHARE YOUR GIFTS

Blessings from the underworld cenote caves of Her heart, the Mayan moon goddess, IX’CHEL, the Jaguar Queen, the emulsifier of your souls Divine Rage and initiator of your Divine capabilities for healing, Creating, for seeding the New Earth.

Call on Her during the Full Moon Days, for your medicine to be known and offered to the world…


I am in full tears and bliss at receiving the Ix’Chel Divine Rage and Forgiveness audio transmission..I hope you swim the caverns of Desire & Love Offering with me.


  • Shamanic Meditation, Deep Trance, Journeying into the Shadow & Light
  • DNA Upgrade, Chakra & Aura Cleanse
  • Visits from Loving Animal Spirit, Angelic, Star & Ancestral Guides
  • Galactic Frequencies, Sound Healing, Song, Multi-Dimensional Ceremony
  • Connectivity to Mayan Codes & Mysteries through Ix’Chel, the Land & Archetype
  • Divulging, Knowing & Transmuting Past Trauma, Hurts, Fear & Rage
  • Mother Earth Transmutation of Past Karma into Useful, Loving Energy
  • Healing The Wounded Healer Frequencies for Greater Efficacy & Service
  • (Re)Activation of Your Sacred SOul Codes, Divine Soul Purpose Here on Earth

Divine Rage - Forgiveness Transmission & Ritual
Divine Rage - Forgiveness Transmission & Ritual
Please share your LOve DONATION of $11-$33. Thank you. Your Ceremony Instructions & Audio Transmission (Shamanic Meditation) will be sent by the listed day...
Your Price: $ 

To Enter Your Soul’s Deepest Yearnings…

tulumbeautyThis sacred Transmission from Source engages us in the flowing Mayan waters of Ix’Chel, the moonlight’s mistress who gives birth to your True Divine Self through the Transmutation of your Divine Rage into something more Beautiful, More Lasting, More You…

With the love of her Forgiveness Frequencies you stand, naked, bare, open and ready…


Let us bathe in Our Deepest Mysteries, Know Our Souls again…

Let us do what we Came Here to Do as Healers and Shamans and Parents and Lovers, Planters of Seeds…

In this meditation and sacred ceremony, Ix’Chel pujas (purifies) the terror, fear, the holding back you contain within. She eats away at man’s violence and women’s denial. As the Mayan moon goddess of human’s hearts, souls and flesh, Ix’Chel instructs you in the Secret Codes & Mysteries of the Mayan cenote water caverns, the soul’s underworld-

To die again and again to be born anew.

Through the gnashing of teeth and repressed desire, Ixchel digests and defecates the illusions, the distortions we have created, the lies.

Let us midwife our Dreams to get back to who you really are and what you really came to Be.

The Wounded Healer, no more.

The SOulful Creatrix, ever more.


spiritcard8There is no more hiding.

I feel so blessed that Ix’Chel offers up a deep Transmission- to touch the places in you where Divine Rage reside, and where you have let abandonment and betrayal sabotage your true Soul Signature and gifts.

Her energies guide us through that birthing as midwife goddess, clawing with her Jaguar hands, to get you back to Love, the realization that you came here to share your medicine with the world.

Ix’Chel is the Mayan patron saint of medicine, intuition and healing and demands you use her lightning rod to burn it all down to get to the truth.

Ix’Chel knew terror and the resulting disappointment, the need to hide, when she was accidentally murdered by her jealous father God, who could not grasp her power to create.

Ix’Chel suffered greatly at the hands of the masculine until she chose to hide her powers and self in the crescent moon.

She is now ready to help you explore that terror and betrayal, and the sadness and abandonment she felt at a mother who refused to intervene on her behalf.

Ix’Chel transmutes that with us in this Transmission. 

Ix’Chel reminds us to never give up, to never give in.

Again and agai,n we dive into the places we have felt trauma of being misunderstood, tucked away, denied, dis-embowled- only to rise like the serpeant. This requires we seek the truth about ourselves and our relationship to God and man. This means we claim or wounds and lick them clean, so that We might share our True Love Offerings with the World.

What have you tucked away and refused to see or share? 

Ix’Chel transmutes our illusions, cages we have created to stay safe from the enemy, to emerge from the cavern for illumination and clarity.

First, she demands you enter the cave, caress the soft and jagged shores of your disappointment, anger and fear, to get back to Divine Love.

Then, you will have birthed your New Earth, the coming of the Sixth Sun.


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White Stag Transmission & Purification Ritual for the 2016 Gateway



Welcome to the White Stag Transmission infused with the 11:11 Full Moon Portal Energy, from Christmas itself, delivered into 2016…

to be conducted before January 6th, 2016
using and infusing the electric energies of the
Dec. 25th 11:11 Full Moon

6a00d8345161d869e201a3fd1f4845970bIN THE FOREST OF OUR HEARTS, LIE THE ANSWERS TO OUR SORROW…



in this transmission…

In this season with the 2016 gateway FROM the 11-11 Full Moon portal, All is Forgiven in the Sanctity of the Christed Heart, the Purity of the White Stag, the Blessing of White Buffalo Calf Woman.

There is no separation but the separation of our minds.

All White Animals come to us now, at a most sacred time in our history, to remind us of Feast, Abundance & Purity of Soul…

Won’t you join us for a Galactivation of the Heart, a Pineal Gland/Third Eye Cleanse/Activation & Anchoring Your Heart’s Deepest Calling into the Earth’s Christed Grids…

White Stag Transmission & Ceremony Instructions
White Stag Transmission & Ceremony Instructions
Please share your offering of $30-10. Audio & instructions to be sent out within 24 hours. Non-refundable.
Your Price: $ 

White Buffalo Calf Woman meets us in the forest of our dreams to unravel the secrets of our hearts. She calls forth the White Stag through the dense Mists of Avalon, to help us reveal the inner truths of how we have been betrayed, where our deepest sorrows lay and how we can forgive again.

To move on, to love more fully, to be in our purpose and power. To Be Pure of Heart.

Christ Jeshua was betrayed by a kiss.

And, yet, he learned to forgive the deepest betrayal. So can we.

We have all felt forsaken at one point, and we All return to the Great White Winter of our Souls to be Purified, one way or another. Through the Way of the Heart, through Faith, and through Forgiveness, we Rise Up and Reclaim our Birthright-

To behold the White Stag was there all along. Never hidden. There was no separation.

We were Pure Love all along.

Please join us.


The Coming of the White Spirit Guides…

For many, White Animals were often seen as rare and special, a sign of prophecy and good things to come. More and more rare white animals are being birthed as we speak. In this transmission, White Buffalo Calf Woman brings us this message of Hope and Abundance of Spirit, while White Stag transmits the energies through the Forest of our Hearts and Light Bodies, using his fierce yet subtle Breath of Life.

To the Huichol of Mexico, the White Deer provides a direct link to the way of Spirit, which is never out of reach. We must conduct ceremony, to go through the DeerHeart to get back to Original Love.

In the Ojibway world, white deer reminds us that we must do no harm to self or other, we must honor all relations.

For the Celts, the Unicorn and Stag represented Christed Love and Sacrifice, Truth and Faith in the Highest Power, even when it seemed you could not catch it running in the forest.

The Native Lenape of the Americas believed that when one white male deer and one white female deer were seen in the forest, the People would unite as one and become the leaders of the new world, sharing their wisdom teachings.

This IS THE COMING TOGETHER OF ALL NATIONS, beginning with the White Stag TRansmision, a Blessing on behalf of White Buffalo Calf Woman, and starting in YOUR HEART.

It is a JOurney, part Shamanic, part meditation, All Christed frequency.



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Morocco’s Msoura Stone Circle: Freeing the Ancient Observatory

Msoura is a megalithic portal site that contains a circle of ancient stones along with several large, phallic-like conduit stones jetting up to the sky. Some say it was astronomically aligned. It’s located roughly 18 miles south of Asilah on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco, where local Berbers have “contained” the site for hundreds if not thousands of years. Some say it’s the largest, or second largest, circle/mound in the world.

Freeing, Igniting & Anchoring Msoura Stone Circle, Morocco

I arrived on a fluke (there are no flukes) to Msoura Stone Circle sometime in sunny November with one French man and four Spaniards. The clouds near Asilah on the Atlantic Coast were in multifarious, powerful formations. Father Sun spoke brightly in agreement:

This was a good day to anchor Christed light and return them back to Source and Mother Earth. And to reconnect their alignment with the Stars as the ancients intended.

The group went on to do shamanic ceremony and personal meditation in the center of the Circle of Stones, while I felt the need to go it alone and meet up later. One man’s partner said he was a shaman. He brought his drum and was shy about what he was doing by himself, after I mentioned I was one too.

I liked his energy but we did our own thing. We had just met, after all.

I had brought my Mayan flute, sage and a few crystals. They, the guides, said that would suffice.

The ceremony began when I went to the furthest, non-stone section, of the compound- only to be led to a hole. What did I see but a turtle peering out at me? I sang, we talked and it started.

Turtle welcomed me home and reminded me of the Americas, the Rainbow Bridge we had forged from home, and thus the title “Turtle Island.”

I preceded to move, quietly conducting song ceremony around the 167-stone circle. The locals claimed Msoura was erected by the Djouhalas, or pagan Giants. Interestingly, the Greeks believed this to be a monument to Antaeus, also of the Giants, son of Poseidon (WATER) and Goddess Gaia/Mother EARTH. Antaeus died here at the hands of Hercules, who saw his weakness when he refused to stay grounded to his Mother and got lost in the clouds.

What a telling message, no? I was watching the clouds; they were watching me. But today we were working together…

As I walked the circumference of the elliptical, perhaps constructed in 3-4 B.C. (I believe it was much earlier), I was informed we were resurrecting, or rather putting back into alignment, this Sacred Place. There are tales of its being cursed, making researchers go “mad.”

Well, no more. It got clean. Real clean.

We cleansed the the site, anchored the monoliths into the new Christed grids around the Earth (a series of interconnected receivers and transmitters for monolithhigher consciousness and love frequencies/transmissions).

Lastly, we re-ignited the circle along with its main erectile monolith, standing at 5 meters, which I call the Yoni STone- a tall stone with a deep womb/vagina-like hole carved in it the size of two hands.

This, I feel, was used to unite Divine Masculine and Feminine forces “back in the day.”

“Ceremony” involved sage, Galactic activations, and communion with Mother Earth, and with deep, ancient, coded substructures on site. I was informed that several other sites were re-activated miles away and were not to be disclosed with others quite yet.

You see, long ago, there were many structures of Light that got “put away”- To protect them from marauding invaders. Most are not visible in 3D, or will be soon, when we are more equipped to use them again.

For now, we travel, sing, dance, conduct ceremony and harmonize.

Let’s call it Prep Work for the Feast that’s being prepared…

White Buffalo Calf Woman style…

When we were done, the guides and I, it was affirmed much was accomplished.

And, we have much more to do.

We would love help doing it.

If you feel the call to help me and the spirit team, please think of DONATING TO GOFUNDME, or PURCHASING THE HOLIDAY SPECIAL (2-for-1 Sessions!).

Blessings. And thank you.

Thank you for being a part of the journey…

Heather Creeanoa WolfTalker




To Support this Grid Work into Oneness


2-for-1 Sessions



(of same or equal value)

Support your journey, your loved one’s journey and Heather’s Sacred Site Tour, ALL IN ONE!


with Heather Straube’s

$111 Per Hour (A $222 Value)

Get Your Now & Share the Love

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Full Moon Transmission: Lifting the Veil of Illusion with Fatima’s Protective Hand

Let us enter Into the Desert of Our Sacred Heart…

During Trying & Hopeful Times,
To Gain Strength & Protection,
To Build Our Discernment, Intuitive Powers & Gifts,
To Fight the Darkness with Love & Compassion.


for the November 25 Full Moon until November 30th


The Hand of Fatima Blessing, Transmission & Ritual for the November Full Moon…

Fatima Transmission & Ceremony Instructions
Fatima Transmission & Ceremony Instructions
Please share your Love Donation as we share our Love with you. With your donation, you will also receive CEREMONY INSTRUCTIONS to make your audio experience even more powerful and meaningful. It will be sent within 8 hours.Thank you.
Your Price: $ 

We Are Here, Together, At Last

Times are changing so quickly, truths revealed so suddenly, Love Alliances shifting so drastically.

During this Full Moon, we can turn to ourselves, our deepest Intuition, and to Fatima, Queen of the Moon, Protection & Discernment, & Great Prophet & Key Holder–

On the Eve of Sacred Battles
And the Illusion of Division,
Not Knowing Whom to Trust
And Knowing-
That Hope, Compassion, Peace &
Fierce Feminine Power
Will Take Us to the Oasis
Ease Our Suffering & Distrust
Return Us to
The Sacred Desert Heart,
Restoring the “Reality” of Sacred Order
For IT IS already IN ORDER.

In this Transmission, Fatima helps us restore Trust & to Discern more compassionately, powerfully and firmly in Our Hearts. She can be loyal and giving to a fault; She has learned the ways of Sacred Discernment, where one can be All Loving, All Loyal, and All Sacred & Whole, without giving it all away, without letting others feed off one’s goodness, humility, or gullibility.



Fatima has a story to tell.

In the desert of your Heart, a story as old as each granule of sand, as old as the Oasis, as old as each tare at your heart, and each ounce of Hope left in your bones. The story asks of you,

  • What does it mean to be truly Compassionate to self, other, the Earth?
  • How does a good soul show hospitality to the wanderer or the refugee, while also being Strong & Wise, Maintaining His Own Energy & Integrity?
  • What does it mean to Be truly at Peace?
  • What is required at this time to Restore order- To Protect, Restore, & Preserve what is most Sacred to you, Fatima and the Divine Rising up inside us All?

Fatima calls to us,

“It’s Time to Come in from the Cold Desert & Reflect on Our Decisions, Our Thoughts, The Nature of Our Crystalline Hearts, and the Nature of Illusion,” she says,

moongoddessfrtuifulSo that We might fight more Lovingly, Truthfully & Unapologetically…

As the Light Gets Brighter, the darkness will try anything. Fatima says, “You have won great battles. Do not believe the lies and the liars, those that lie inside and those outside of you.”

She says, We must be Strong, Vigilant and Fierce in Our Powerful Humility. She reminds us to See the Truth in All We Do, and All We See & Feel…

She lifts the Veil. Anubis, Egyptian way shower and truth-teller, blows into our Crystalline Heart’s truth Magic.

Please join Fatima, the Mother of Fate & Time, and Anpu/Anubis, the Egyptian restorer of the Sacred Heart, in reclaiming This Sacred Time we are living in, for All.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you crave Truth & Balance?
  • Is it difficult to discern lately?
  • Is it time to receive/create more Sacred PROTECTION,
  • So that you can Love more fully, more deeply,
  • So that you can do the Love Work you came here to do?


INSTRUCTIONS FOR CEREMONY INCLUDED, to be done at home or in sacred space.

Her Invocation:

Allow Fatima, the Prophet,

the Moon Goddess of Compassion & Protection,

Help you…

Reclaim Your True Power & Discernment

Your True Peace

Your True Compassion

Your True Loyalty to Self, Great Creation, the Earth & All Life

And, in turn,

Through this Transmission

You will Help

Fatima and the Sacred Feminine


True Power, True Peace, True Compassion, True Loyalty

Into the Mother Earth Body

Through Her Body

Through Your Body

Through the Sacred Desert Heart

Through The Hamsa, the Hand of Fatima,

The Sacred Fives,

And, Together,

We Place Her back at Her rightful Throne.

Of Love, For Love, By Love.

And We Come Home to the Oasis.

She has come far to share this with you…


Who is She? What is Her Impulse to Protect?

Let Fatima, “The Shining One,””The Queen of Heaven,” stretch over you like a Tapestry of Stars, Moon Melodies, Sacred Henna Designs,

Let her Protect you like a Handmade Quilt of Peace & Authentic Power…

In this Sacred Transmission,

Fatima offers to moisten your dust filled lungs, Calls you in from the long trek across arid terrain- To the Oasis of your Heart, where All truth is revealed. Fatima asks that you stare into her eyes, to know Love again. She wishes to take away your veil of illusion-

To Receive three new veils of Protection:

  • The Veil of Transparency (Truth);
  • The Veil of Invisibility (For conducting Deep Work requiring this);
  • and,
  • The Veil of Divinity (Strength/Power/Discernment Moving Forward).

veilflowingMother Mary, Fatima & Fatima, Portugal

Some people feel that at Fatima, Portugal, the Mother Mary brings in her sacred energies, along with her Twin Flame, Archangel Rafael. In 1916 (some say 1917), three shepherd children were met by a vision of the Virgin Mary, and continued to be visited.

It was at this time that a solar encounter took place and many around the world felt that the Mother was coming in to share her Love at this place. To this day, it is considered Sacred ground.

It may be no coincidence that this happened in the town of Fatima, so aptly named years before. This can help us understand Fatima, the reincarnation of the pre-Islamic moon goddess, and the loyal daughter of Prophet Muhammed. While Fatima tells me in channeling sessions that she is Her own Sacred Energy, unique from other Divine Feminine goddesses, it is said by some that Fatima, who helps us in this Transmission, is a reflection of the Mother Mary, Isis, Ishtar, Inanna, Astarte, and even perhaps representative of Diana and wisdom archetypes.

However we experience Fatima, she wants us to trust our Hearts, Our Guts, and our Sacred Intuition to be Strong, Enduring, Humble & Loving. And we thank Her.

The Hand of Fatima, Laila Saida & Numerology of Five

Throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa, the Hamsa (or Khmasa in Hebrew), since we can remember, has served as an amulet of good fortune, good luck and as a protector from evil spirits. You may find it hanging on doors, as an amulet for a newborn baby, or in folk art. Associated with Fatima, Inanna, Astarte, and even Isis/Osiris/Horus/The Eye of Horus, it’s offered up here as a Veil of Truth & True Power. The Sacred Fives come alive again and are offered for us to know the Truth, inside and out, and to be more safe in our hearts and bodies.lhamsa

In Arabic, there is a saying, “Laila Saida.” On any given night it merely means , “Good Evening to You.” If you dive more deeply, the revelation and meaning becomes more fully and deeply connected to the message of Fatima at this Sacred Time for humans, as it relates to the numerology of the FIVES. Laila Saida has a numerological depth of the FIVES, as does the Hand of Fatima.

The kind of soul/impulse born under this number often shows great compassion, giving, trust, faith, humility, hospitality and compassion. This person would almost give it all away if it weren’t for the Hand of Fatima entering the Sacred Scene to remind her- Love all, trust few.

How have you let others take advantage of your hospitality?

As the Light grows, leeches and vampires can get irritated and we may find greater attempts at “hive mind” or mind control, when they see they cannot control us. Fatima and the Hamsa do not allow this and teach us that Laila Saida is truly possible-

To be truly Blessed at night, under the full moon, and the sacred FIVES,

We must develop our Intuition, our Personal trust for Self, and Allow our deepest wisdom to take us down paths and with people that will Truly serve the Highest Good.

We are offered here, in this Full Moon Transmission, a deeper meaning- Allowing our own giving, trusting selves to protect, discern and love more fully without feeling guilt, with equal humility, but a humility that keeps your Sacred Energy & Love Offering safe and secure for those ready and willing to receive it.

When in the desert, the Berber peoples of North Africa, knew this well-

  • Let everyone in from the desert trek,
  • Feed and water them, serve them tea
  • This shows a great Heart.
  • And, they also know not to leave their guests unattended.

We thank Fatima for her undying Love, Protection & Power of Discernment…



May you be protected by a blanket of Peace.

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