Dança do Sagrado Espírito Feminino

Dança, Meditação, Espírito Feminino

dances of self-love for the sacred womb woman

Fridays: March 17 & 31, 2017 in Lisboa


13 euros individual class (21 for both classes)

auto-expressão divina, movimento, meditação, inspiração


we breathed magic into our mother’s womb, we dance now to stay alive, we give life through our motion…

Dance is life. Our sacred , sensual bodies teach us everything we need to know about Spirit. Ever since we came into a “body” we became “some-body”. Our shape, our form, our breath, our movement let us know we are alive, that we matter, that we can make magic with our bodies. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I say our body is the way into our heart’s greatest dreams. This is where we find our joy, our bliss, our fear, our rage, our dreams for a better world as women…


If we stop dancing, we stop living.

Please join us for Lisboa’s Prática Sagrada de Dança Feminina with Heather Straube. She will facilitate your greater commitment to yourself. In this practice, we learn to move parts of our bodies we have forgotten or hidden away. We tear open places in our hearts waiting to be seen. We express our sacred feminine through deep devotion and prayer. 

ADDRESS PROVIDED AFTER YOU RSVP – Click to contact Heather!

Each class includes a dance segment, where you explore parts of yourself. This is part teacher led, but also free for you to be you…

As well, each practice will include other Sacred Feminine practices, such as…

  • Dancing in a Divine Feminine Body: Embracing Your Womanhood
  • Sacred Womb Breathing Techniques: Breath as Magic
  • Divine Feminine Awareness through the Body Temple
  • Shamanic Meditation for the Sacred Woman/Womb
  • Womb Clearings & Sacred Priestess Activations
  • Bio-Energetic Exercises/Stretches for Tension Release, Strength & Flexibility
  • Emotional Release Techniques for Balance & the Compassionate Heart
  • Feminine Connections through the Sacred Dance Circle 

 I hope to see you in the Sacred Practice!

Save your spot below. Address sent after you pay or contact Heather confirming your participation in a class…

Dança do Sagrado Espírito Feminino
Dança do Sagrado Espírito Feminino
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Part ecstatic dance, part sacred feminine practices…

The class meets weekly and lasts an hour and a half. Being on time is very helpful for the group practice, and so you can get every ounce of your dance in. Please wear comfortable clothes, maybe layers or slippers to stay cozy and warm. Feel free to dress as comfortably or beautifully as you like. It is dance and meditation, so dress as you feel.


This is dedicated to your sacred self-awareness, self love and self-expression. We will go deep. Be ready to feel your body fully and to express your emotions completely.

Each week we discover a new theme. We focus on sacredlotusspecific parts of the body and specific emotional needs we have as women. Some themes might be “silence and stillness” or “healing shame & fear” or it could be something like “courage & strength”…

Whatever we explore, you are free to do the exercises as you see useful for yourself in the moment. Always honor your body’s needs, desires and limitations.