Divine Union of the Priestess Path

Priestess Initiation Transmission, Ceremony

Calling in the Warrior Women for Sacred Union, Divine Masculine & Feminine Integration

~ Audio Transmission/Initiation into Union, Ceremony Instructions, Priestess Oath ~

sacredunion17We enter into Sacred Union with Our Self to BeeCome Whole Unto the Other

We hear so much about finding our “twin flame”, activating our kundalini through Tantra, becoming a “priestess”, but do we really know what any of this means?

What does it mean to embody the Priestess Presence, the Path of the Warrior Princess turned Queen?

SHE must be in her fullest integrity, living from the deepest parts of her heart, in order to receive the blessings of those who came before. It is an inward journey of self-love & self-devotional prayer that invites our beloveds and loved ones into our Priestess Party.

If you are really ready to take the Priestess Oath, you will KNOW.

Join us for a Sacred Transmission & Initiation into the initial Ancient Wisdom Teachings through Ceremonial Devotion & Self-Care. BY DONATION.

In this Initiation, we attempt to, with the help of Source

  • “Up” the Priestess Presence within your energetic field
  • Take the Oath to serve, nurture and protect, beginning with Self Devotion
  • Meditate, Conduct Sacred Ceremony at Home/A Sacred Space
  • Cleanse the chakras, bringing the heart into the lower and the higher
  • Receive a Pineal gland cleanse for greater discernment (trusting your gut)
  • Activate the Sacred Kundalini & Personal Priestess Codes (if present within you)
  • Accept responsibility for our tainted notions of “feminine” & “masculine” within
  • Attempt to Re-Align Divine Feminine parts of yourself with Divine Masculine parts of the self
  • Ask to transmute the disaffected parts of yourself unwilling to know or feel Love
  • Review past traumas, misalignments & victim/perpetrator programming
  • Reflect on our “relations” and “unions, past, present & future
  • Perhaps receive visions, sacred tools & signs for the path ahead
Divine Union of the Priestess Path
Divine Union of the Priestess Path
Please share your offering of $11-$33 for this Sacred Transmission. Audio & Instructions sent by the listed, or within 24 hours. Non-Refundable.
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It is true- No fantsy priestess headdress, red tent, ceremony, title or course, or lover is going to save us!

But we do have the ability to accept the challenge of the sacred path, to walk the red road of devotion and compassion, to be of service on the planet at this time as Sacred WombWomen. We can come to remember who we really are through being in the presence of the Priestess Codes, and we can make commitments to ourselves and Creation through shared ceremony with others.

The rest is up to us.

We seek love but we are unwilling to look “within” – at our own sorrows, our own joys and our own Priestess Magick – to invite greater love into our lives. We must not be afraid; we can serve the greater good- Not for sensual pleasure, not for gain or priestess parties, not for fame. But, for “goodness”, for the Whole.

Love is boundless, and until we see this – in every ounce of our Being – we will forever feel shortsighted & incomplete.

When we unite within, we invite our Sacred LOvers into our lives.

Love is ours.

It is our greatest gift as women.

We are no longer martyrs or victims, perpetrators or whores.

We stand our ground in fierce, loving devotion as wayshowers & gatekeepers.

We are the healing waters come to cleanse the Earth of its impurities.

Let us not go too quickly into the night but savor the day, one by one, step by step, row by row…