Transform Your Life!

If you are ready to embrace your deepest wisdom, to Be who you came here to Be, I’m ready to be your Muse & Guide. Together, we will tap your innate, divine wisdom, putting your Soul into action on Great Gaia…

Fusing Body & Soul, Earth with Sky, the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine…

What is Transformational Coaching?

isabella-vickerDivine Coaching is a commitment we make to one another to work towards your Highest Good here on Earth. It is a step you choose to take deeper, more loving responsibility for your life, what you put out into the world, and what you receive from the world and Spirit. Divine Coaching is YOU stepping up, into your power more fully, no matter how challenging, how joyous, how rewarding or how it requires Radical Self-Care and surrender to a Higher Purpose of Love.

Together, we choose from a variety of sacred and practical methodologies to get you back to your center, living a life filled with more clarity, vibrancy, joy, self-love, connectedness and sense of purpose. Divine Coaching does not allow you to hide from your True Self yearning to break free. It asks of you your very best, to be who you came here to be.


You can set aside four or six weeks, or more, for this critical process of Self-Love. Each week, we meet in sacred ceremony for one hour each time. Usually, this is done via Skype or other long distance routes, unless we are living in the same city! Four weeks allows you to get a jumpstart on some basic goals and intentions and to get the energy flowing with a loving, skilled guide. Six or more weeks provides a great opportunity to do further, deeper work into Spirit and anchoring those Intentions into the Earth- To make things happen!


Before you enter a session…

You prepare a series of questions about your current life, past lives (on Earth or in the Cosmos), your present “assignment” on Earth and/OR what needs to be done to better embody your True Self at present (and to get things done). If it is your first session, this can be quite revelatory and open a box of delicious insights, great possibilities and uncomfortable truths you may need to face to get to your more compassionate and empowered Self.

These questions can range from the most practical to the old traumas to the most high, deeply spiritual and life affirming. Before each session, please also take some time to meditate in silence, breathing deeply. What do you hope to bring to the session, your life, and the Earth at this most sacred, holy time? Bring that Intention of Love & Manifestation to the session to anchor your emotional heart and your Heart’s Highest Calling.

After our first session, you will also bring your reflections on the goals you have set for yourself and steps you want to move even further in your life.

During the sessions…

You ask questions of your Spirit Guides (your “team”) while I allow Source to flow through me to address your concerns and desires. These sessions can be quite practical and grounded, as well as shamanic and highly spiritually cleansing. They are much more than “counseling” or “coaching,” providing deep connection with your Guides, delivering a high frequency to your heart chakra, and a “remembering effect” of your purpose as your DNA “wakes up.” Of course, we only go as deeply or quickly as you are ready for at the time.



Are you ready to be the radiant, loving person you were meant to be?

Is it time to forgive and let go of the pain and suffering?

How much time will you commit to yourself and your mission?

Choose from any of the packages below to get started…




Transformational Packages

On this sacred journey called life, we seek the truth to set ourselves free…

Breakthrough Package

$333.00 (A $444 Value)4-Week Package: Four 60-Minute Breakthrough Sessions

Transformation Package

$555.00  (A $669 value)6-Week Package: Six 60-Minute Breakthrough Sessions



Divine Coaching Packages
Divine Coaching Packages
Choose from one of the following packages. Enter the amount in your Cart: The Breakthrough Package: $333 – 4-Week Package The Transformation Package: $555.00- 6-Week Package All packages are to be paid in full to receive the discount.
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What Modalities Do We Use?

I offer these specific services upon request with deep love, training, & skill…

  • Intuitive Counseling & Life Coaching to Activate your Divine Mission Codes
  • Transformative Life Coaching for Heart, Mind, Body & Soul-Driven Work
  • Soul Retrieval & Psychic Surgery
  • Akashic Record Reading of Your Soul’s History
  • Reiki Energy Medicine Sessions
  • Medium Communications with Ancestors, Animal Guides, StarFamily & Beloveds 
  • DNA Lightbody Upgrades, Galactic Lightcode Meditations
  • Medicine of the Northern Mexican Curandera Tradition 
  • Unity Heart Activations/Ascension Technologies from the Sacred Star Councils
  • Clearing of Ancestral Trauma, Ancestral “Re-Connections”
  • Karmic Cord Cutting & Soul Contract Work
  • Reiki Certification Trainings 
  • Multi-Dimensional “Physical Space Cleansings/Clearings” (On-Location)
  • Shamanic & Priestess Ceremonies (New Moon, Full Moon, Births, Deaths)


  • Sacred Activism Oath & Action Plans with Gaia’s Original Authentic Timeline 
  • Spiritual, Psychic, & Lightworker Development Training
  • Priestess Practices, Priestess Oath/Initiation, Trainings


  • Get back back to a path of Divine Love, Compassion & Sacred Action


Let’s Get This Started!