The Good Mother

Forgiveness Ceremony & Audio Upgrade (Transmission)


~ audio transmission, sacred ceremony, ancestral clearing of the mother wound, & self-care affirmations & activities ~

~ I love you, I see you, I hear you. I forgive you. ~

What kind of mother do you want to become for your loved ones, for yourSelf?

Who or what must be forgiven to fully share your love?

What ancestral wounds are ready to be healed?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Imagine what would happen if we could fully forgive our mothers, our maternal ancestral lines for the pain they endured or carried out?

Imagine if we fully forgave ourselves, nurtured ourselves, came back to our centers? 

Where does our sense of loneliness or loss, our insecurities or fears come from? from an old place that longs to be connected with the Divine Mother of us all. She has always been there, waiting for us to be one with her again, first by re-uniting with the innermost beauty of our own Souls, then by carrying this out into the world as a Divine Feminine Presence of Love.

But some of the “mothers” we invoked in our lives were perhaps unable to provide us with the essential messages, tenderness or firmness needed for our growth and development of self-love and self-trust. This is when we forgot to trust our guts, open our hearts, and follow our truths.

But, isn’t time to become our own “good mother”?

To reclaim the parts of ourselves lost to the wind?

To love again fearlessly and unapologetically?

No matter the “type” of mother(s) you had in this lifetime, the atrocities committed by the women of the patriarchy, or the separation- The time is ripe to step up into full fledged mothers- Nurturing, strong, courageous, living from our Divine Feminine Wisdom. And, always in love with Self.

Please join us for this Good Mother Messages, part Transmission, part Positive Affirmation self-help, part sacred shamanic ceremonyic ceremony…


The Good Mother
The Good Mother
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Self-care IS of the utmost importance.

Have you been a “good mother” to yourself? or, do you sabotage your divine right to be happy?



  • Forgiveness Ceremony Instructions
  • The “Good Mother” Protocol (Daily Affirmations, Reflections, Goals)
  • Self-Care Intention Making
  • Audio Meditation/Galactic-Shamanic Ceremony with Spirit Guides & Ancestors

In this series, you may… 

  • Feel more authentic in your “mother” presence
  • Feel more centered, grounded, more “sure”
  • Create more “space” in your life and your body 
  • Cleanse your pineal gland for greater trust in your inner guide
  • Experience a lighter understanding of the women in your life, past, present & future
  • Claim your confidence to stand strong in your belief in Self
  • Create an ongoing commitment to Self-Care, Self-Love & Healthy Boundaries
  • Set clear Self-Love INtentions & wortk towards these in your life
  • Cleanse your heart of separation pains, to enter love more fully
  • De-program limiting beliefs from the ancestral line
  • Better understand your relationship to Self, your family lineage & your purpose here on Earth
  • Forgive your mother, move on…

Often these powerful upgrades include…

  • Chakra, aura, pineal and Mer-Ka-Ba cleanses and Activations
  • Messages & gifts from Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters & Ancestors
  • Calming or energizing/motivating energy frequencies
  • Shamanic/curandera ceremonial techniques to be used any time
  • Star technologies for light body upgrades & DNA “remembering” of your true Soul Essence (The Truth)
  • Guided visualization through sacred, beautiful places on Gaia
  • Connection to the Crystal Ley Lines of the Earth
  • Anchoring of your Heart’s Desires into these Ley Lines
  • Reuniting with Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Impulses within the Universe, within You