Activate Your Divine Mission

Are you a Sensitive Empath, Lightworker or SpiritRebel seeking the Truth?

Then, you found the right place.

If you are ready to embrace your deepest wisdom, to Be who you came here to Be, I’m ready to be your Muse. Together, we will tap your innate, divine wisdom, putting your Soul into action on Great Gaia…

Fusing Body & Soul, Earth with Sky, the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine…

We work together to get the Great Work of your life on the road, putting vision into action. Sessions are done via Skype, or in person. During our time together, I may use a variety of sacred techniques, such as shamanic clearings, soul retrieval, Akashic record reading, Reiki, ancestor & animal spirit communication, psychic surgery, DNA Lightbody Upgrades, life coaching/counseling, Mexican Curandera medicina, Unity Heart Activations, and/or Ascension Technologies received from Star Councils of Divine Light.

Together, we can…

  • Return “lost parts” of your Soul
  • Release trauma from the body/light bodies (past life, present, inter-dimensional)
  • Connect with StarFamily, Ascended Masters & loved ones
  • Clear ancestral and karmic cords
  • Center & ground with Gaia’s Orginal Authentic Matrix 
  • Remove “false light” programming, beliefs, negative patterns & entities
  • Activate your Divine Mission Light Body Codes
  • Develop your psychic, intuitive self-confidence & skill-base
  • Counsel you back onto a path of Divine Love, Compassion & Sacred Action
  • Coach you in grounded, loving ways towards your goals & dream manifestations

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Topics can include Shamanism, Prophecy, Ascension, the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine, Unity Consciousness, Christed Ley Lines/Grids, Trusting Your Intuition/Psychic Development, Tarot, Kabbalah, and more…(See BIO for past speaking venues)