12:12 Activation – Transmission & Ceremony Instructions (2017)


Strength & Victory After the Storm

Unity, Love, Purpose


on 12:12 (to be done on or before the date)


On 12:12 of each year a portal opens up, a sacred doorway to access our inner wisdom and inner stars. 


 At this sacred time, when the 


light floods into our cellular structure opening up new neurological pathways, we have a great chance to access our creativity, personal expression and intuitive connection with our guides, the Earth and Unity Consciousness.

While I’d like to mention the overall significance of 12:12 each year, as it relates to numerology and the 12-12-12 gateway we experienced several years ago, I also have been trying to focus on simplicity…

2017 was to be the year – us mystics and our guides have said – where the light really would conquer the dark (within us, if we let it, and in the collective). As the year closes, and Mercury is in retrograde, we sit in contemplation about what exactly happened this year – and, boy, it was tough! – and how we are going to navigate the next big cycle.

We are feeling a lot of creative impulses to push out that dead weight, to organize our juicy ideas and to use these piercing light energies to our advantage.

I have asked the guides and I can surely say, we can focus on Victory, Strength and Courage. And, to do so, we have to give ourselves some credit for trusting our intuition a bit more this year. But if we refuse to access it at a higher level we will be forced to repeat the same, boring (and aggravating patterns) to come.

So what were the lessons you learned this year?

How have you conqured obstacles?

What kind of courage are you demanding to move into the next higher octave of your life?

Join us for the 12:12 ACTIVATION, a time of reflection, of upgrade and of getting active in the new year.


I hope to see you in the Circle –

12:12 Activation
12:12 Activation
Please share what you can. Suggested donation $12 to $36. Non-Refundable. Sent by the date listed.
Your Price: $ 

WHAT IS 12:12?

12:12 is said to be a time where we can access our 12-strand DNA, our higher consciousness, aspects of ourselves. This can serve as a kind of personal soul retrieval, at least when I work with you during ceremony and long distance audio transmission.

For me and what I do, your 12:12 transmission becomes a light body upgrade, a cleansing of chakras and auras and a heightening awareness of the magic and skills you already have inside of you.

12:12, generally, can be a time of heightened awareness and manifestation, a time to be very clear about our patterns, distortions, our thoughts and feelings. And, in this instance, how many of these we have worked through during the year/lifetime, and how courageous we were! In my transmission, we work with our energetic bodies and patterns, to loosen them up and make space for the new.

On 12:12, like other gateway dates, it is said our “inner star” has a more direct link to the Earth Star as well as the Galactic Center, creating a personal and collective vortex for change.

The 12:12 energies penetrate our being and work to “upgrade” our soul DNA, our original light template, creating emotional upheaval and/or physical symptoms – a “detox” of sorts. Sometimes, we do ceremony or light transmissions such as this one I am providing to help in that journey.

This can be a lighting up of your personal desire, an opening of your heart and a deeper connection to GAIA and all humanity.

For this 12:12, I am asked to guide you in beautiful meditation to examine your courage and to call in your deepest intuition in service to self and humanity.

In this activation, we focus on…

  • A “Conversation” between your cells for greater Integration of the Light Codes Pouring In
  • Chakra & Aura Cleanse
  • Light Body Activations
  • Mer-Ka-Ba Lightbody Infusion (Christ Consciousness Codes)
  • Unity Heart Activation/Heart Opening/Forgiveness
  • Kundalini Activation
  • Pineal Gland Cleanse for Heightened Sensitivity/Psychic Awareness
  • Draino for the Soul/Karmic Cleansing
  • Guided Visualization & Energy Infusion to take Action
  • Alignment with Soul Mission
  • Organizing & Integrating Lessons from the past to take action in the moment 
  • Restructuring of DNA for Unity Consciousness
  • Letting go of Inner Demons
  • Becoming more Clear About “the path”
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