An Alaskan-raised wild woman who successfully navigated her fair share of hard times. I've made a blossoming psychic coaching business & have helped over a thousand free spirits to remember who they really are - free, sovereign & unstoppable.


Through transformational life coaching, workshops & events, powerful online materials and my sacred sessions and ceremonies, I help people like you discover your unique soul signature so you can live an inspired life.

Every since I was young, I communicated with plants and animals. Curious about how the world was organized and what motivated people, I was mesmerized by watching adults, ancient goddess mythology, metaphysics, biology, music, forms of self expression, energy, dance, and sexuality.

I found that having the desire to make a change, a little bit of creative problem-solving and the willingness to love again could make anything possible, even when times were hard.

I found my voice, if it was through publishing poetry in college, protecting Native sacred sites, reading as much Black Studies literature as I could, and organizing social justice rallies. Whatever it took. 

I wrote. I sang. I danced. I found my inspiration. In my body, in my breath, in doing what I loved.

Spending time alone in the beautiful woods of the Pacific Northwest allowed me to anchor my experiences and to heal my ancient and childhood wounds.

Here, I experienced prophetic visions. Native American neighbors told me I helped people fly in their dreams. But, it wasn't until later that I realized the importance of these "dreams" and gifts.

After years of trying to "find myself", as a teacher at top-notched schools, an administrator, writer, community organizer, a singer/songwriter, and through dancing, meditating and traveling the world, I knew something had to change.

What the ‘next steps’ would be, I didn’t know. But I had love in my heart, a little (like, a tiny) bit of cash in my pocket and a few inspired ideas.

Enter the world of life coaching, psychic readings, Reiki and Zumba. In that moment, I could turn my 'hobbies' into a sustainable business, doing what I loved.

If it was Eduardo - my husband of 12 years - training me in shamanic medicine ways, Tarot, Kabbalah or Bionergetics, or me being in deep meditation, I was "owning" and "honing" my craft. 

AND, I was becoming a spiritual warrior, if I liked it or not. 

In 2011, I almost lost my husband to end-stage heart failure at the top of a Mayan pyramid. This opened up a series of shamanic initiations. If it was being my husband's caretaker, ascension "downloads", messages from Spirit or organizing spiritual events at my community center in Portland, the lessons were far reaching. 

My curses became blessings, the lessons I came to share.

Stronger, more resilient, more "in touch" with Spirit, I was getting results with clients, my healing students and my businesses.

When we jump in and trust our wildest intuition, all of the skills we have gathered up come to greet us. That’s when we find that our ‘life purpose’ was in front of us (and inside of us) all along.

Through a lifetime of trial and error and big dreaming, I was able to create three successful businesses, be known as a "thought leader" in my community, help people find their authentic voices at retreats, run a popular community center, and to do what I loved.

There was no road map. It was messy and it wasn't always clear. But it was mine, a journey to take.

Over several decades, I was able to build a system that helps bring people further (and deeper) into their soul signatures.

The first step?

To find your inspiration... 


So this is where you come in...


 I am totally committed to your process as a change maker in your own life.  

I know what it's like to have to put all the pieces together.

With a little bit of dreaming, soul diving and clear action steps, we can make the change.


Looking for an Experienced Shamanic Coach?

Culturally Sensitive & Open Minded

Grounded, Real & Experienced

Inspired & Spirit Connected 

*    *    *    *    *

·         Certified Wellness Life Coach. The Spencer Institute (2011)

·         Ordained Life Minister. Births, Marriages, Rites of Passage. Universal Life Church. (2011)

·         Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki Ryoho Usui with Chery Esau, R.N./Master Reiki Teacher. (2011)

·         Curanderismo Healing Training/Tarot/Kabbalah Studies. Eduardo Chavarria Ayala, Curandero Lineage of Northern Mexico.

·         Bioenergetics Mind-Body-Spirit Integration Training. Eduardo Chavarria Ayala. 

·        Writer, Editor, Website Creator. 15 years. Created & managed 8 websites for self, non-profits & other friends. Non-Profit Grant Writer (2007-2008). Book Editor, Petra's Ashes: A Transcendental Journey (2016) by Petra Nicoll.

·         M.A.T. Masters in Teaching, Lewis & Clark College

·         B.A. Anthropology/Gender Studies, Lewis & Clark College & Anthropology Studies, Bali, Indonesia (SIT)

·         Over 300 hours in Black Studies, Gender Studies, Multicultural Literature & Diversity Training & two decades of walking the SACRED ACTIVIST PATH 


·         Leader/Teacher/Coach. Ran over 300 events, retreats & ceremonies for individual & community healing growth.

·         Administrator/Community Organizer/Ceremonial Event Leader. Quaking Grass Community Center. Portland, OR. (2012-2014).

·         Teacher, Administrator, Counselor. Social Studies/English. State of Oregon. 15 Years.

·         100+ HOURS AS PUBLIC ADVOCATE/SPEAKER, LEADER. New Harvest Charter School Development Committee. (2006-2008)





I have over two decades as a public speaker on topics such as...

spiritual awakening

priestess apprentice


mind, body, spirit integration

ancestral healing, the land & creating spiritual routine

social justice & women's ways of knowing

tarot & kabbalah

spirit guides & prophecy

multi-cultural, anti-racist curriculum/teaching

and more...