Bliss, Joy & Ease Transmission


Transmission Audio (softly sinking into bliss & surrender)

Being a Human Self



Join us for this Bliss, Joy & Ease Gateway - calling in Sarasvati, Hindu Mother Goddess - to soothe our aching hearts and return to love.

This is the time of living an abundant life, of harmony, bliss and earthly pleasure, devoid of guilt or boundaries. In this audio transmission, we navigate the clam waters of the lotus lake, to find our "sweet spot", our place of tranquility, harmonizing with our creative impulse towards joy and bliss.

We surrender to love in all forms, to simplicity in beauty, beauty in simplicity...

We call in this childlike (and wise) places within us. We become more human, more connected to Earth, more fully abundant in our inspiration, relations and physical bodies. We softly embrace the inner child so that he/she roams free again unincumbered by the worries of the world, in her/his bliss, in lightness of heart, in our full sacred gracefulness.

  • What does it mean to live freely, sensually in a human body?

  • What are your places of pleasure and peace?

  • How can you get back your gentle, knowing center?

In this ceremony, you will...

  • Conduct sacred ceremony in honor of our blissful self (and Sarasvati, Hindu Goddess of wisdom, learning and graceful eloquence)

  • Sink into your gentle, feminine, receiving places of peace through meditation/lightbody upgrade

  • Make an oath to uphold your divine right to experience joy and freedom while here on Earth

Some things you might experience...

  • Greater state of calm and knowing

  • Increased flow in sacred inspiration

  • Greater productivity in your creative, artistic, fecund endeavors

  • A connection to "stillness" and the still waters

  • A "letting go" into the more wild parts of yourself

  • A softness in the eyes, ears and throat

  • A lighter heartspace

  • A greater commitment to releasing toxic burdens or people not "in tune" with your frequency (inner truth)

  • A greater desire and taking actions towards being in a sacred, sensual body