What is Desire?


DESIRE. Got some?

What is desire? How are you "serving" yourself in this area? And, what are you willing to do to get back to it?

I have been struggling (playing) with these sentiments for the last two months, since I returned to Portland from living in Portugal.

I share this photo of me at a hot springs more than a decade ago, when I was closer to my Earth body and divine desire, because even I - one who expresses desire and gets what she wants - I am asking,

What is pleasure? Sacred, divine, feminine, unhinged, honorable raw and holy? What's holding me back from her full expression?

Don't get me wrong, Portugal and my lover were very satisfying. But I needed to 'come back home', to be in my body, to reclaim her sacred sexual juices (for me and for the Earth, Big Mama Vulva), to feel the land that once grounded my own flesh and spirit. I needed to reclaim her independence and sovereignty, to feel greater pleasure and joy.

And, she is ravenous.

This, I found out.

But, she doesn't quite know how TO ASK FOR IT. ACTUALLY. Because, she wants so much more, for herself, for the other women and women identified and for her future partners. And, she knows the cost (of not tapping this). It's time. And what about for you?

IF YOU ARE IN PORTLAND, OREGON, AND WANT TO DIVE MORE DEEPLY INTO THIS TOPIC, join me and a few women - JULY 21 - on Hawthorne, where we will create deep ceremony around what we lost in the desire area, to identify what we want, and to claim it.

No strings attached, no excuses, no apologies.