We're Just Dancing (Keepin' It Sacred!)

Think you’re just “dancing”? Think again -

When people dance, they are conducting ceremony. Dance requires a safe container. The dancers are releasing an immense amount of toxins, traumas, beliefs, even what some call “demons”.

Therefore, with this Sacred release, with or without alcohol or plant medicines, groups dancing is powerful medicine requiring a person or persons who know how to hold space (and, perhaps, even ward off demons). If you don’t have that, you’d be dancing off your fears, obstacles, negative energy only to be picking up others’ negative energies that just flew off of them AND RIGHT ONTO YOU!


This is the medicine warning for ecstatic dancers (a free form of dance usually done barefoot and with intention) and all dancers in general.

You see- You’re seemingly getting “clean” only to be taking on other energies and even entities that life to "feed" off of humans.

Now, as you can imagine, once you add alcohol or synthetic drugs or natural plant medicines, you are opening up even more portals and your own chakras and means by which entities can enter spaces and actual physical bodies.

This is why most of our ancestors had designated shamans/medicine people/space-time warriors who knew this stuff and could help the community transmute it.

So, on to festivals! Festival psychic hygiene might be in order.

Now, don’t be afraid, because negative beings thrive in that juicy soup.

Just be conscious. Be in-joy! Let your love medicine be more powerful and practice cleansing techniques.

A few suggestions,

  • Only go to places and space holdings where the “container” is pure and clear,
  • Avoid dark dj’s and - though they may be “nice” humans or have great DANCE BEATS - unequipped Dance leaders/space holders without significant energy/shamanic experience aware of what’s being spoken here,
  • Say your intention for Each Dance on your own in your own way calling in your own sovereignty independent of the group/any groupthink, and ask that (and imagine) your own “shit” being received outside of the space once it flies out and off of you and into a separate “holding center” in outer space or a sacred tree that can handle (and transmute) those energies,
  • Practice heart anchoring/opening and light body protection techniques before and during dance,
  • Laugh, shake, scream, and stomp out (even “wipe off”) others’ malevolent stuff as you flow and feel things coming your way,
  • Stop frequently to get perspective on your inner landscape, heart rate, needs, desires, integrity and to meditate out any group or solo “program patterns” (limiting beliefs, groupthink ideologies, distorted worldviews),
  • Leave the space if it doesn’t feel like the container's being held by well-equipped facilitators and you feel too vulnerable in the moment to "process" that crud,
  • Practice compassion and love and forgiveness (after the dance is complete) for individuals and the group, and,
  • Conduct personal energetic hygiene techniques afterwards, especially when just separating from the space and group.  Mexican Curandera healing herb baths as well as a variety of ancient techniques can help “get clean”. I can always help you with that, so don't be afraid to ask.

Ecstatic dance is shamanic, it is more than just dance.

Let's take it (and ourselves) seriously.

A big shout out to all those who are the actual space holders - and transformers for energies at festivals and dances - knowingly or unknowingly!

We need you.

Heather StraubeComment