Lionsgate 8-8-18 Courageous Heart Ceremony with Audio Transmission

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  • What is it you came to do/be?
  • How do you wish to unravel the secrets of your Inner LightCodes during the Lionsgate?
  • What is required moving forward for humanity, beginning with Self?

Join us for a powerful Lion's StarGate (8-8) Transmission & Ceremony Instructions using the Stargate Portal energies of August. This is a great time to access your Inner Diamond Codes, Connect with Gaia's Crystal Ley Lines, and feel the power and courage of the Lion.


At this time every year, the Egyptians and Mayans celebrated this powerful moment for TRANSMUTATION, DEATH and REBIRTH.

  • What is it you want to give away to the Waters of Time?
  • How have you sabotaged yourself and played small or faked your true being?
  • And, what are you willing to do to connect to All Creation in a more daily basis?

Access the Emerald Tablet of Truth and Gaia's Heartsong, with us, more easily assimilating the Diamond Light Codes, Emerald Codes, and Christed Blueprints flooding the planet at this most Sacred Time. This can allow you to feel The Great Connection, to flow better with your Activated Light Body, and to link your soul-heart to the Galactic Core's, Gaia's and that of the Central Son.

In this Transmission (Shamanic Meditation/DNA Lightbody Upgrade) you may...

  • Experience deep relaxation along with heightened awareness
  • Go through an ENergetic, if not physical, "detox" or cleansing
  • Become more aware of your False Beliefs & Programming & Let Them Go
  • Feel a surge of Light Codes/Energy through a Kundalini Activation & Cellular Restructuring (22-Strand Reemergence()
  • Call in Greater Strength & Courage for Self-Mastery
  • Call in Self-Mastery for Greater Collective Mastery- Using Codes such as- Love, Divinity, Compassion, Intimacy, Tribe, True Courage & Power
  • Receive a Light Body Attunement to more easily assimilate the incoming Codes\
  • Feel more "connected" to your Light-Star Family
  • Feel Greater Connectivity with Christ Consciousness Codes running through you & How to Be them & utilize them for the Greater Good
  • Connect more directly to the Crystaline Grid Ley Lines
  • Further Reclaim Your Sovereign Power
  • Further Cleanse & Activate the Pineal Gland for Greater Awareness, Synchronicity & Trust in this Process

We hope you will join Heather, the 144 Light Coded Song, and the Sirina BLue Star Guides for this Activation and Ceremony.




1.      Prepare your altar items, connect to the Internet and check your headset/earbuds for best sound (all operational systems should be updated);

2.      Choose a quiet, sacred space for yourself (or a group) that has no distractions; CLEANSE THE SPACE as you know best how, so that the vibration is as “clean” as possible;

3.      Set aside one hour for the AUDIO or two or more hours for this Ceremony AND AUDIO;

4.      Gather these altar items: Sand or dirt for Earth; Water and a cup or chalice; Feather or Air Element; Sage or Incense for Fire (Frankincense or a Middle Eastern scent might work best);

5.      Gather these extra items of importance if possible: Any sacred objects that remind you of “The Stars”, in particular Venus/Isis, Sirius/Isis, Orion/Osiris, and the Pleiades; Symbols or pictures representing the Bird Family, the Cat Family, and/or the Canine Family; as well those of the Vulture, the Scarab, desert, oasis, river or others;

6.      If you have any symbols of Ancient Egypt that are clean and spiritually meaningful, including stones/crystals and PYRAMIDS or sacred geometrical elements, please bring these too!


a.      Call in your Loving StarFamily & Spirit Guide Helpers from the Highest High only, asking that ‘you and the space be held in Absolute Divine Diamond Love, that the Light Bodies and Space be fully Held and Protected with Emerald and Golden Light, that only everyone’s Highest Divine Order be allowed in”;

b.      One by one, invoke the ELEMeNTS from “4” ABOVE, asking the FOUR DIRECTIONS and ELEMENTS for their Love, Compassion, Courage, Protection & Manifesting;

c.       Carefully place other sacred symbols, feeling each one as you do;

d.      Call in the Loving Diamond Light Code Birds, Canines, and Cats;

e.      Give THANKS for All That Is, and your I AM PRESENCE of DIVINE LOVE.



9.      Properly CLOSE THE CEREMONY SESSION, giving THANKS, asking that All involved leave the space, knowing you are always connected “in the round;’

10.  Cleanse the Space afterwards energetically with Rose Spritzer Water, Sage, Incense or other holy items;

11.  Seal the “SESSION” with two diamonds (pyramids) by drawing them in the air. First, Draw the Masculine Pyramid pointing upwards, then seal with a Feminine Pyramid pointing downwards. Imagine the Sacred Pyramid – your Mer-Ka-Ba lightbody of transformation. Fuel it with your love. Feels its vibration, sound and frequency; GIVE THANKS. HOLD YOUR HEART, ASK FOR YOUR HGHEST GOOD AND THE HIGHEST GOOD OF THE PLANET TO ARISE FROM THIS SACRED CEREMONY; Protect it with light and close the ceremony (now, or after the next OPTIONAL brainstorm);

12.  Take plenty of time afterwards to integrate, calibrate and gestate. Drinks lots of WATER;


a.      Sometime afterwards, or on a different day, take time to CREATE A VISION BOARD of your DIVINE SELF BLUEPRINT moving forward;

b.      This can be done on an Individual SOUL basis, or as a GROUP SOUL basis (i.e. for a tribe or organization with high intentions);

c.       Conduct this Ceremony FIRST, or, at least, conduct SACRED MEDITATIOn or ENVISIONING WORK on an energetic level (set the space);

d.      Take time to brainstorm the answers to these questions:

                                                              i.      Envision, visualize, feel the World you will create with your Courageous Loving Heart. This can be best done through meditation and deep grounding into the Earth…

                                                            ii.      QUESTIONS TO ADDRESS:

1.      Who is in it?

2.      What are you doing?

3.      How does it feel?

4.      What are the emotional elements of this community?

5.      What are you offering?

6.      What are you receiving?

7.      What three words capture the VISION?

                                                          iii.      Create a VISION BOARD or DIAGRAM, to visualize and capture THE DREAM; In a visual, using metaphor, image, symbol, color, or even texture, show this world. You may use the metaphor of ISLANDS (with little islands as stepping stones or the steps to the big one), a Railroad track (same using the tracks) or a mountain or circle (same);


            1. What is your daily intention to bring this vision to life and what do you need to accomplish this goal?

2. What is your weekly intention? Who or what will you call in to get there? How will you be fierce, courageous and loving to ensure your success?

3. What is your 6-month and year goal? Repeat similar journaling or drawing activities to explore these themes.

4. Return to this vision daily, review, meditate, revise, laugh, play, be honest. Most of all, when you lose your heart, don’t be so hard on yourself. BUT DO STEP UP. WE NEED YOU! Love’s got this-

e.      If in a group, share yours;

f.        When complete, ask that your DIVINE LOVING GUIDES OF RADIANCE & ABSOLUTE PERFECTION, listen to this DREAM, and that GAIA (MOTHER EARTH) anchor it, if it is in the highest good of Self Mastery and All involved, ANCHOR THIS DREAM into the CRYSTAL GRID LEY LINES OF HER.

g.      Always, GIVE THANKS.

h.      As always, close the session, sealing the energy of goodness into the space, severing all ties with the Guides and energies involved for NOW. Give thanks and gratitude. Close with a blessing or song of your choice.

i. Drink lots of water and allow for integration to continue, in particular star codes, sacred shapes, new people matching your frequency and loving partners in divine crime. Keep monitoring what holds you back, the old thought patterns – false video – and behaviors/people/situations that try to return. Remind yourself that you are PURE LOVE and that these –lovingly – are only aspects of the Grande Illusion. Allow yourself to play and laugh at this all – ENJOY the creative process!


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