Supermoon in Virgo House Purification

Virgo is all about house, Earth, getting things grounded and done, independence and resourcefulness. And the full moon is the perfect time to “get rid of things”. So, let’s clean that house!

You will want to de-clutter your house from unnecessary things and maybe even re-organize before following these steps.

Time to let it all go…Full Moons are all about that and Virgo isn’t kidding, it wants you to get down-n-dirty truthy, beyond the self-deception and dust!

Take 20 minutes to an hour to add this energetic house cleanse to your full moon ceremony, prayer or meditation, most likely BEFOREHAND. While you are at it, take a medicine bath with your favorite herbs, stones and sea salts to release whatever is no longer serving you…

After prayer, bath or ritual, open up all of the windows in your house or the space you’ve designated for a super cleanse.


Speak your intention out loud for this full moon and this house cleanse. What emotional state are you going for in this cleanse, what do you hope to bring into your home? What do you need to leave or purge?

Then, take burning sage, Palo Santo or natural incense through out the space while playing high vibration music, singing or saying a favorite mantra or prayer. Make sure to get to all the rooms and all of the corners, letting the energies leave through the open shutters.

Next, sit in silence and prayer asking for three things you are letting go of for this supermoon and imagine them leaving you, your space and leaving out of the windows.

After prayer, prepare a mop water with high frequency herbs, or better yet- Agua de Florida found at your local Mexican, Brazilian or Metaphysical store (just a drop or two are needed). This is an old Mexican Curandera (medicine woman) secret and creates a very high frequency vibration in any space. If there’s no floor to mop, use just a dab in cold water to dust the house with using a moist rag soaked in your concoction, or a water spritzer bottle with a small amount sprayed throughout. Washing the floor is the best though!

Lastly, leave through the front door walking backwards, asking to draw out any negative spirits or entities that don’t belong there. When it feels right, shut the door and go inside, shutting all windows.

Place glass dishes with sea salt in each corner of the house, where all negativity will be absorbed in the coming month. Discard and/or replace after a month (or a week if the energy is really daunting).

I hope this helps!

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Be Blessed.

~ Heather

Heather Straube is a Galactic Priestess, Mystic, Life Coach & Shaman of the Divine. She has worked with over a thousand people to help them to become free, conscious beings and conducted over 300 events/talks/retreats to share her love and gifts with the world. She can be contacted for private activations, ceremonies, speaking engagements and Priestess & Reiki trainings. She is currently living in Portugal, dancing, loving & playing by the beach.