Womb Bath & Blessing for the Supermoon & Equinox!

Libra Supermoon, Equinox Blessings!

Watch, Reserve, Lovingly Share Your Energy

Blessings for the March Full Moon, A Supermoon Zero degrees in Libra tonight (early morning for Europe) with an Equinox (spring in the north, fall in the south) only four hours later! MARCH 20/21.

Time for a fresh start, not to mention a time to go deeper into your divine feminine intuition!

Please check out my Full Moon Bath & Womb Blessing, a present to the woman on her medicine path…

I have included some womb medicine techniques, a prayer and bath tools to bring in the balance & fairness you are craving...

The energies should be a little calmer but not without a little strain for the rebel or visionary in you.


Note: Avoid certain herbs, plants and hot water if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or other conditions not conducive to these.

Since we can remember, us women have been using water as a sacred cleansing tool.

Please try this Full Moon Ritual Bath to heal your heart, let go of any trauma in the womb and say a blessing for your beautiful womb (spiritual, energetic, emotional space/2nd chakra) for your womb during the Spring!


Here you go…

  1. Prepare a bath with pink and white rose petals or other flowers, basil leaves, lavender and a drop of a favorite essential oil. Add sea salt crystals and other favorites to tonify the vaginal wall or calm the spirit.

  2. Soak for 20 minutes, massage your lower belly/pelvic area. Focus on breathing in the womb. space as you do.

  3. Notice any emotions or people or events still housed in the womb memory space. What needs to be cleaned out?

  4. Say a prayer for your womb and demand that each thing leave, one by one, with force and compassion. Allow any tears to flow. Call in Ostara, pagan Goddess of fertility and the spring, to help start a new beginning.

  5. Breathe as you slowly dry. Listen to your heart rate and what your heart desires.

  6. Place oils on your body in self love ritual.

  7. Write down what it is you are seeding for the spring, your dream or hope for your womb and heart. You can also plant three seeds in the ground, actually seeding your womb wishes.

  8. Be blessed. Take time for yourself.

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