New Moon In Pisces: Dreaming New Dreams, Unapologetically

Blessings for the New Moon on March 6.

With the New Moon in Pisces & Mercury turning retrograde just the day before, we are up for an emotional but powerful ride.

Try this simple New Moon Ritual to review and let flow and let go what needs to pass. Use this time to set clear intentions about a new dream you have, not focusing on the old dream or how to finish something started long ago. Identify your ideals, your passion and find a flow to fuel your goals and dreams with fiery love…And, don’t back down from the truth. It’s a good time to let the heavy weight go.


So, here we go -


First, pick a nice, calm, quiet space for sit in silence, maybe by a brook or stream or some kind of water element.

Gather your items and bring them in your carry-on altar: A chalice or bowl with water, a white candle and lighter for fire, incense, feather or other to represent air, and stone, rock or other to represent Earth. Maybe a fine cloth and other sacred materials, too. You will also need white strips of paper, maybe art supplies, and a pen. Also, flowers or other nature elements as offerings to your psychic self and other helpers of love.

Second, find your place. Take 5-10 minutes to meditate on the last two weeks since the full moon, and the last 28 days since the New Moon. What were you intentions and projects? What are you needing to delegate or let go of? What is your truth at this moment, not yesterday?

Do some deep breathing. Sit in silence. Listen to your emotions, your sadness.

Take three deep breaths and exhale any misgivings, let it all go. Make room for the new.

Light your white candle, call in the the magic of this New Moon. Call in fire to light your way.

Pour your water and call in the watery emotions to flow, to give guidance and strength even in the chaos.

Wave the feather or light your incense, calling in air to give inspiration. Call in your ancestors and grandmothers for guidance and assistance.

Place the rock or Earth element asking to be grounded, to be true, to be sure.

Center yourself with three deep breaths, ground yourself with your feet on the Earth.

Give your offerings to the Earth and ancestors, your Beloveds. Say a prayer so that your dreams may come true.

Meditate in the flame of your candle, touch your heart. Write down 1-3 dreams you have. Keep them small, loving, emotional and doable.

One by one, place them on your altar then focus your attention to the white candle flame. Imagine it (the dream or goal) being manifest. Breathe into it. Take 2 or more minutes per intention. Really mean it.

Give thanks and ask for forgiveness. Close your intentions with a song or breathe of love.

Take this time to do artwork or write. Be with nature. Hydrate with clean, fresh water. Talk to the plants, they might just talk back.

What do they say?


Heather StraubeComment