Reflections on a Priestess Program

As I carefully prepare my medicine gifts for the nine women who have joined my Priestess Apprentice Program, I can feel the sifting of the ages, my ancestors of Europe, of Africa, of the Americas gathering around me. I feel so supported in this venture. These women are strong and fierce, supple and kind, generous at heart. I am too. This is why we came.

I want to thank my ancestors, the animals (cow, turkey and rabbit), the land that raised me and the land that provided this wood from her musty, feminine forest floor. I also want to thank Eduardo Chavarria for guiding me in this life’s work so that I can guide these beautiful NINE women in their life’s work. 

For my first online Priestess Apprentice, I was able to manifest what was needed, to almost fill our group and to finally put down on paper and in song the secrets my soul has been longing to sow. It wasn’t an easy path - neither for my sisters nor myself. But it is a necessary one.

Are you a woman in search of her medicine?

I am humbly sharing Priestess Apprentice Level One ONLINE again coming in just a few weeks.


I don’t promise it is a soft experience; It’s hat it is fluffy and it doesn’t pretend.
But it is real.
It can tear you apart to get at the roots and core of your tree.

To know you are and why you came.

Self-Mastery is the key, Priestess ways the road, self-love the answer.

ASK ME how you can be a part of this training program and sacred sister circle today. I do have a special running on it to help you on your way, to realize - YOU ARE WORTH IT. I know I am. And so are these NINE sisters for whom I sand, saw, sew, glue and pray for.

Wish me luck.

About the Writer: Heather Straube is a Galactic Priestess, Shamanic Life Coach & Mystic writing from Sintra, Portugal. She has led a rich life filled with initiations and hard life lessons which bring her to this place of sharing, writing and assisting highly intelligent, sensitive women on their quest for self-mastery. She has taught in in hundreds of public education, self-help retreats and workshops and ceremonies to transform our lives. Please contemplate joining one of her online trainings.


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