May 2019 Full Moon Blessings Channeling & VIDEO Card Reading

In this Video Prayer, musing, channeling of the divine, we enter the May 18 Full Moon, fully (un)prepared to take a leap of faith.

I pulled the Stone of the Ancestors during this volatile time, indicating that our words and actions really matter, that what we invoke (what we feel and what we do with those feelings) can have ripple effects.

We see this in the collective sorrow (my own sorrow) around several U.S. states creating ant-abortion laws and women trembling or in uproar. We see it in the emotional fires at home and abroad, and in the fires literally burning in Mexico, Russia, all over.

We are asked to rise above the banter and chaos, to not become violent ourselves in the wake of violent intruders and to give up old contracts on this full moon.

I hope my video prayer in the mountains of Sintra, Portugal serve you well.

I know. I’m feeling it.

Be Blessed,



About the Writer: Heather Straube is a Galactic Priestess, Shamanic Life Coach & Mystic writing from Sintra, Portugal. She has led a rich life filled with initiations and hard life lessons which bring her to this place of sharing, writing and assisting highly intelligent, sensitive women on their quest for self-mastery. She has led hundreds of public education courses, self-help retreats and workshops and ceremonies to transform our lives. Heather is available for personal and group sessions, readings and spiritual trainings.


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