The Eros Transmission

A Journey Into the Heart of Your Sacred Sensual Self

~ Celebrating Your Divine SoulSignature & Sexual Expression ~

Audio Meditation & Light Body Upgrade

We put our weapons down. We listen to the music our hearts and sexual selves play for us. We dance our Truths of Desire. We express. We dance & sing, gyrate & pulsate, alone & in communion, Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine moving through the stars. We choose our lovers & our art wisely. We make ourselves our greatest lover of All. AHO.


Every Soul must journey through the Way of the Heart to get back to Love. Being in a Sacred, Sensual Body is a gateway to this opening. It is one of our greatest gifts as humans- To experience and express love, joy, bliss, empowerment, and living our Art/Creation here on Beautiful Mother Earth.  With this, we tap, forgive and honor the Divine Feminine within, no matter what body we occupy. She is waiting for us to do this for ourselves and for Her/The Earth. We call on the Divine Masculine to help restore our Wholeness, in our Healing, in our return to Our Sacred, Sexual Roots...

What went wrong?

Somewhere down the line, the Heart and the Sacred Sacral Womb/Phallus
 got severed, separated, blown to the wind by war and greed, by desire devoid of love, honor and the Great Mystery of Spirit. We became either over-sexualized from an early age, we were abused and marketed for our sex appeal or our powers, or we were silenced and shamed into lack or barrenness. We were told what it was to be a 'man', what it was to be a 'woman' without our consent. None of these healthy or rewarding.

It was, simply- A War on the Human Heart.

But they can't stop us. From Loving. From Dancing. From Sexual Desire Sprinkled with Fairy Dust & Spirit.

Now, We, reclaim this Sacred Function, bringing it back home...

Won't you join us for this Audio Transmission & Ceremony. Time to go inward, take it back! Let us go inwards, review, reflect, re-imagine, re-calibrate, release...Let's go crazy.


  • Sacred Heart, Unity Heart Template Activation

  • Shamanic Journey into Your Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine, Sacred Sexual Body

  • Chakra/Lightbody Cleanse & Re-Alignment: Focus on Heart, Womb/Phallis, Throat

  • Fecundity & Virility Activation

  • Galactic DNA Upgrade with Eros Undertones

  • A Revisiting & Reclaiming of Your Sexual Shadow (OWNERSHIP IS YOURS)

  • A Review, Remembering & Reclaiming of the False Matrix, Ancestral Trauma Around Distorted Sexual Stories/Lineages

  • A Calling In of the Divine Masculine to Open and Penetrate the Heart of Divine Feminine Musicology:  Bringing In Honor, Grace, Joy, Beauty, Pleasure, Compassion and Forgiveness, and Harmony

  • Womb Clearing & Opening/Masculine Space Holding

  • Exposure of New Truths as a Divine Being with a Sexual Body - Moving Forward with Your Spirit Team, New Name & New Clothes


  • Directions to conduct this Sacred Shamanic Ceremony in a sacred place

  • Songs for Your Ceremony: Breath, Movement, Gyration, Silence, Clearing, Opening, Releasing, Activating (DON'T FORGET TO REMIND ME TO SEND THESE TOO!)

In this Meditation/DNA Upgrade/Unity Heart Activation, you will explore your shadow & power...

  • How have you sabotaged or emphasized your erotic desire?

  • How have you disconnected your Heart from the Womb/Phallus?

  • How have you been used, branded or sold, or prostituted yourself?

  • How have you built or bought the False Illusion of sexual gratification?

  • How have you silenced your Creative Desire to Create & Express Yourself?

  • How have you empowered yourself to express your Divine Self?

  • How will you move forward as a Divine, Sexual, Sensual Being of Light?

To become a Divine HUman, we must connect the two, the Heart & the Sacral, Merging Heaven & Earth, Divine Feminine & Masculine, the Moon & the Sun.

Thank you, Prince.

Thank you, Everybody.

Everybody's got to love somebody...

Let us...

Illuminate & Caress our Broken Hearts & Wings

Sprinkle some Fairy Dust on Our Souls

Dance & Run Wild in Our New Clothes!

NOTE: This was inspired an downloaded shortly after The Musician formerly known as Prince passed away, thus the reference and the specific time signature on the audio.