Elephant Magic

Wild Gratitude & Guidance Transmission

invoking compassionate wisdom, direction, communication & the mother's love

let us be strong, bring us to the watering hole, to be cleansed, to play & to feel the love


Let us shake loose memory to restore balance within and without...

Sacred Elephant Magic guides us as our inner shaman to find the deepest parts of our soul to be watered, fed, nurtured and caressed, to use our inner wisdom and compassion, to be in Sacred Communion with all living things. 

For this ceremony, we call in our Inner Compass, to trust ourselves more fully and to embrace our divine connection the the Great Mother, so that we can find joy and play in the circle of graceful and playful community. Elephant is the master at Intuition & Finding Direction in your life. And, we thank her for this!

What are you grateful for?

And, what have you lost that sidetracks you or leads you astray?

Call on this powerful Spirit Guide to journey with you with patience and love, deep emotion and reverence, so you can be in sincere relationship with your self and your loved ones. The Great White Mother knows all of the secret hiding spots, all of the watering holes, she knows the plants and herbs that we need to regain our strength for the great trek. She is fierce, tanacious and nurturing. 

What is it you have forgotten?

Regain your commitment, through the ancient Elephant teachings, to your Soul Journey by removing the obstacles around your Heart. The elephant caresses, teaches, guides and leads. The Great Feminine Wisdom reminds us to be strong and resilient, to call on our soul's deepest yearnings for remembrance and joy. She is our greatest teacher, Compassionate Wisdom, Gratitude the way in-


  • Feel lighter and more in love with your joyful, playful self

  • Enter your soul's mission with greater honor, self-love and intuition

  • Find tools to take you to the watering hole

  • Remember to find your Wild Gratitude

  • Experience your body, light bodies, Mer-Ka-Ba, heart and path more fully

  • Gain greater trust and strength to take the Sacred Journey of the Heart

  • Get more grounded, calm and confident

  • Observe and remove obstacles for more authentic loving & being in Sacred Community

  • Enter your loved ones' lives more aware, more compassionate, more trusting

  • Release pain and tears at what you have lost or forgotten 

  • Regain your strength to do what you came here to do

 These Sacred AUDIO MEDITATIONS channel Source to help bring us into greater balance, often utilizing these techniques...

  • Guided imagery/astral travel to Sacred Spots on the Earth's gridlines

  • Unity Heart Template Activation - Cleansing of the Heart

  • Chakra cleanse & alignment

  • Kundalini activation

  • Pineal & Pituatary cleanses & activations

  • Dreamtime symbolism and messages during sleep/rest

  • Animal, Star and Ascended Guide visitations or messages

  • Mother Earth-Father Sky Alignment

  • Grounding, Centering, Clearing & Expanding

  • Tension/pain release

  • DNA Upgrade & cellular memory reawakening

  • Protection of light bodies, body & heart

  • Extraction of unwanted energies, entities and false matrix attachments

  • Review of "stories" we tell & letting go of outdated "programs"

  • Visualization of beautiful earthly places

  • Multi-dimensional reunion with Spirit Guides & Helpers

  • Sacred gifts (super power tools) ceremony