Ix'Chel Divine Rage & Forgiveness

Audio Transmission & Sacred Ceremony

Shamanic Meditation * Galactic Upgrade


Blessings from the underworld cenote caves of Her heart, the Mayan moon goddess, IX'CHEL, the Jaguar Queen, the emulsifier of your souls Divine Rage and initiator of your Divine capabilities for Healing, Creating, for Seeding the New Earth.

Call on Her during the Moon Days, for your medicine to be known and offered to the world...I am in full tears and bliss at receiving the Ix'Chel Divine Rage and Forgiveness audio transmission..I hope you swim the caverns of Desire & Love Offering with me.  

To Enter Your Soul's Deepest Yearnings...

This sacred Transmission from Source engages us in the flowing Mayan waters of Ix'Chel, the moonlight's mistress who gives birth to your True Divine Self through the Transmutation of your Divine Rage into something more Beautiful, More Lasting, More You...

With the love of her Forgiveness Frequencies you stand, naked, bare, open and ready...


  • Shamanic Meditation, Deep Trance, Journeying into the Shadow & Light

  • DNA Upgrade, Chakra & Aura Cleanse

  • Visits from Loving Animal Spirit, Angelic, Star & Ancestral Guides

  • Galactic Frequencies, Sound Healing, Song, Multi-Dimensional Ceremony

  • Connectivity to Mayan Codes & Mysteries through Ix'Chel, the Land & Archetype

  • Divulging, Knowing & Transmuting Past Trauma, Hurts, Fear & Rage

  • Mother Earth Transmutation of Past Karma into Useful, Loving Energy

  • Healing The Wounded Healer Frequencies for Greater Efficacy & Service

  • (Re)Activation of Your Sacred SOul Codes, Divine Soul Purpose Here on Earth

Let us bathe in Our Deepest Mysteries, Know Our Souls again...

Let us do what we Came Here to Do as Healers and Shamans and Parents and Lovers, Planters of Seeds...

In this meditation and sacred ceremony, Ix'Chel purifies the terror, fear, the holding back you contain within. She eats away at man's violence and women's denial. As the Mayan moon goddess of human's hearts, souls and flesh, Ix'Chel instructs you in the Secret Codes & Mysteries of the Mayan cenote water caverns, the soul's underworld-

To die again and again to be born anew.

Through the gnashing of teeth and repressed desire, Ixchel digests and defecates the illusions, the distortions we have created, the lies.

Let us midwife our Dreams to get back to who you really are and what you really came to Be.

The Wounded Healer, no more.

The SOulful Creatrix, ever more.


There is no more hiding.

I feel so blessed that Ix'Chel offers up a deep Transmission- to touch the places in you where Divine Rage reside, and where you have let abandonment and betrayal sabotage your true Soul Signature and gifts.

Her energies guide us through that birthing as midwife goddess, clawing with her Jaguar hands, to get you back to Love, the realization that you came here to share your medicine with the world.

Ix'Chel is the Mayan patron saint of medicine, intuition and healing and demands you use her lightning rod to burn it all down to get to the truth.

Ix'Chel knew terror and the resulting disappointment, the need to hide, when she was accidentally murdered by her jealous father God, who could not grasp her power to create.

Ix'Chel suffered greatly at the hands of the masculine until she chose to hide her powers and self in the crescent moon.

She is now ready to help you explore that terror and betrayal, and the sadness and abandonment she felt at a mother who refused to intervene on her behalf.

Ix'Chel transmutes that with us in this Transmission. 

Ix'Chel reminds us to never give up, to never give in.

Again and agai,n we dive into the places we have felt trauma of being misunderstood, tucked away, denied, dis-embowled- only to rise like the serpeant. This requires we seek the truth about ourselves and our relationship to God and man. This means we claim or wounds and lick them clean, so that We might share our True Love Offerings with the World.

What have you tucked away and refused to see or share? 

Ix'Chel transmutes our illusions, cages we have created to stay safe from the enemy, to emerge from the cavern for illumination and clarity.

First, she demands you enter the cave, caress the soft and jagged shores of your disappointment, anger and fear, to get back to Divine Love.

Then, you will have birthed your New Earth, the coming of the Sixth Sun.