The Kuan Yin Transmission

Compassion, Mercy, Forgiveness & Protection 


During this Time of Great Change and sacred Gateway, isn´t it time to step up and re-commit to yourself and All Your Relations?

Feel the Purification & Protection of The Great White Mother through the Voice of Kuan Yin, Buddhist Boddhisatva (enlightened one) of compassion, as we review, heal, purify, unify & activate our Unity Heart Template...

Join us as we enter the Sacred Violet Flame of Deep Self-Love & Prayer for the Entire Planet.

To be conducted at home, or a sacred place.

Let us...

Hear the Cry of the Earth and all her Relations beckoning to you and your Inner Heart of Intuition, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness & Inner Peace (for all).

Walk the Path of Service in the Violet Flame of KUan Yin´s All encompassing Love.

Become saturated in Self-Acceptance & Self-Love, committing to the path of devotion to the Earth & all relations.

In this Transmission, You Receive...

  • Syrum of Compassion/Tenderness for All Living Beings from the Great White Mother

  • Kuan Yin Unity Heart Template Upgrade/DNA Upgrade

  • Activation of the Inner Heart, Temple of Mercy & Flame of Forgiviness

  • Illumination, Purification Ceremony & Reunification of Fractured Self Pieces

  • Violet Flame of Protection with Sacred Connection to Mother Earth

  • Light Body Cleanse, Pineal Cleanse & Third Eye Activation

  • Gifts, Messages or Blessings from Your Spirit Team

  • Badge of Courage from the Well of the Great White Mothers Sacred Heart to move forward with GRace & Ease

And you Participate in...

  • A Prayer for All relations & Coming TOgether of All Love Nations