Priestess Apprentice Level One

An Online Training & Sister Support Circle (December 2018 - March 2019)


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Priestess Apprentice Training Course Includes

Five Teacher-Led Online Calls (Training Talks + Sister Break-Out Sessions)

Twice Monthly Sister Support Calls with Your “Team” (Groups of 3-4)

One 45-Minute New Year, New You Personal Session & Ceremony with Heather

One Blessing Fan Gift Designed Just for You & Sent to Your Home (A Handcrafted Ceremonial Feather Fan by Heather)


Lectures, Workbook Activities, Real Life Applications On:

  • Divine Feminine Devotional Practices, Priestess Ways for Self & Community

  • Ancestral Medicine, Sacred Work, Soul Purpose

  • Honoring the Seasons, Cycles of Time & Your Role as Mother, Maiden or Crone

  • Menses/Moon Magic for those of us Bleeding

  • Self-Love, Self-Care, Accountability

  • Altar Creation, Ceremony, Space Holding

  • Using “Right Medicine” to Cleanse, Protect & Hold Sacred Space

  • Mind, Body, Soul, Mother Earth Devotionals

  • Sexuality as Sacred & Mystical Practice

  • Inter-connectivity of the “Whole” (Sisters, Clan, the “Other”)

  • Practical ways to Create a System Based on Interdependence, Compassion, Sacrifice, Joy & Love

Five Rituals (One to Be Led By You with 3 Women of Your Choosing):

  • 2 Full Moon Ceremonies

  • 2 New Moon Ceremonies

  • 1 Winter Solstice Ceremony

  • Instructions Laid Out in Easy-To-Follow Steps

  • Ceremonial “Reflection” Required in Art, Written or Video format



Five Prayer Protocols (Kinda like “ceremony”)

  • Erasing Guilt & Shame from the Timeline/Claiming Ownership

  • Ancestral Knowledge Invocation/Reconnective Link

  • Prayer for Peace, Earth Anchoring Prayer

  • Prayer for a Return to “My Medicine”/”Calling In” of My Medicine Animal-Totem

  • New Year’s Prayer Invocation for Self, Humanity, Mother Earth

Things to Consider:

Teacher-Led Calls Occur at 10am Pacific Standard Time on Dates We All Agree Upon (1.5 Hours Each, Final Call is 2 Hours)

Reliable Internet Access Needed for Online Calls

Teacher Led Calls Include: 2 Dec Calls, 1 Jan Call, 2 Feb Calls, 1 Early March Call

Twice Monthly Sister Support Call Times Are Decided by Your Sister Team of 3-4 Women (45 Minutes Each, At Minimum)

Are You Ready to Step Up, Step Out & Commit to Strengthening Your Power?

Level One Certification for those who complete the coursework/calls successfully!

Each Initiate…

  • Attends Calls, Take Notes & Contribute to Sister Break Out Calls

  • Sets & Follows Personal & Course Goals with Sister Check-In’s

  • Keeps a Weekly Journal of Personal Reflections

  • Keeps a Log of Completed Activities & Notes on Lectures/Videos

  • Shares her Ceremony Insights after each

  • Presents her Letter/Personal Priestess Oath in the final (TWO HOUR) call, call #5


  • Use the provided forms/journal prompts to LOG all activities, calls, and reflections & document your progress/learning/reflections

  • Attend all 5 calls (4/5 is acceptable in the case of an emergency)

  • Personally conduct at least 4 of the 5 provided ceremonies (some personal alterations may be allowed), one with THREE other women of your choosing

  • Conduct all five prayers

  • Complete your THREE self-designed Nature Routine/Remedies

  • Attend your one 45-Minute session with Heather

  • Watch & take notes on provided training videos (2-4 provided, TBA)

  • Share your final (call five) letter or personal oath to share your medicine & devote to being a priestess self-love

  • Send a 30-Minute Reflection Video before 15 weeks has expired as a “final assessment”


LEVEL II is not required but highly suggested for those on the committed Priestess Path (Level Two dwells more in group and space mastery, creating & holding women’s circles, healing & helping community, the “art” of ceremony & psychic/intuitive development as leader, shamanic priestess, teacher OR guide; Level III focuses on Priestess Ordainment, Mastery, Leadership & Performing Rites of Passage, Working Sacred Spaces, Sacred Sexuality & Multi-Dimensional Shiftings)