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In the Living Light Lineage of the White Rose

~ A 13 -Week Online Training & Sister Support Circle ~

Are you ready to step into your divine, radiant light?


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  • 13 Weeks of Live Wisdom Webinars with Sister Break Out Call (Recorded for Your Convenience)

  • Altars, Ceremonies, Cleansing & Protecting

  • Priestess Practices, Self-Love Tools & Self-Mastery Protocols

  • Five Priestess Apprentice Modules on the Divine Feminine, Energy, Sister Circle & You

  • Tools & Techniques to Reclaim Your Ancestral/Personal Medicine

  • Sister Support Calls

  • One 45-Minute Private Initiation Ceremony

  • Three 30-Minute Personal Check-In Calls About Your Sacred Path with Heather

  • One Ceremonial Fan Handcrafted & Blessed by Heather




Option A (with live group calls/sister support calls) OR Option B (teacher training-initiation only)

from 75.00

Jump In On the Live Wisdom Webinars & Sister Support Calls Anytime…

Practice Assigned Ceremonies & Wisdom Ways As Needed (New Moon, Full Moon, Other)…

Go At Your Own Pace.

Attend TWO EXTRA Wisdom Webinars & Sister Support Calls

after your 13 weeks is done (OPTIONAL PERK).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

*** Last Live Wisdom Webinar Call is September 7, 2019

*** Last Sister Support Call is September 14, 2019

*** Webinar Calls Recorded For Your Convenience BUT it’s highly recommended YOU JOIN the personal experience!

This journey guided me to a safe space of communion, discovering and committing to put in practice self-love...to becoming aware of just how important self-care, discipline and ceremony, plant medicine, women wisdom are. One of the greatest gifts for me, personally, was a sense of sovereignty and reconnecting with an intuitive timeless knowledge of passages and teachings. Sharing this journey with other women, feeling safe, welcomed and guided is not something I experience often. The apprentice journey...shook me up, but just enough. It gently nudged me on when I felt like giving it all up. It did’t let me hide away....
— Margarida, Lisbon, Portugal

Lectures, Workbook Activities, Real Life Applications

  • Divine Feminine Devotional Practices, Priestess Ways for Self & Community

  • Ancestral Medicine, Sacred Work, Soul Purpose

  • How to Research, Pray for & Practice Your Ancestral/Personal Medicine

  • Cultural Responsibility, Integrity & Reparations

  • Honoring the Seasons, Cycles of Time & Your Role as Mother, Maiden or Crone

  • Menses/Moon Magic for those of us Bleeding

  • Self-Love, Self-Care, Accountability

  • Medicine Woman Plant & Medicine Creation Techniques

  • Altar Creation, Ceremony, Space Holding

  • Using “Right Medicine” to Cleanse, Protect & Hold Sacred Space

  • Mind, Body, Soul, Mother Earth Devotionals

  • Sexuality as Sacred & Mystical Practice

  • Inter-connectivity of the “Whole” (Sisters, Clan, the “Other”)

  • Practical ways to Create a System Based on Interdependence, Compassion, Sacrifice, Joy & Love

I feel blessed to have participated Priestess Apprentice I. The materials were phenomenal, well researched and discussed along with the worksheets. This definitely put me on a path of self-mastery. The tapestry of women, levels of experience, each with their own gifts, was beautiful to witness. I have gained knowledge, wisdom and closeness to my ancestors, guides and goddesses of my heritage. My intuition has grown. Practicing ceremony was a gift that is now a practice. I highly encourage anyone taking the class to be sure to connect with your small group. The bottom line is that I’ve gained so much more than what I was hoping for.
— Susan W. Portland, OR.

Five Rituals

  • 2 Full Moon Ceremonies

  • 2 New Moon Ceremonies

  • 1 Summer Solstice Ceremony

  • Instructions Laid Out in Easy-To-Follow Steps

  • Ceremonial “Reflection” in Art, Written or Video format

Five Prayer Protocols

  • Erasing Guilt & Shame from the Timeline/Claiming Ownership

  • Ancestral Knowledge Invocation/Reconnective Link

  • Prayer for Peace, Earth Anchoring Prayer

  • Prayer for a Return to “My Medicine”/”Calling In” of My Medicine Animal-Totem

  • Prayer Invocation for Self, Humanity, Mother Earth

Things to Consider:

Wisdom Webinar Calls Are Live & Interactive (Saturdays Pacific UTC time), Are Recorded & Open to Each Individual to Hop On

Reliable Internet Access Needed for Online Calls, Good Sound & Preferably Video!

You have a total of +- five months to complete course materials & EXTRA ceremonies to receive PRIESTESS CERTIFICATION in the Living Light Lineage of the White Rose.

Twice Monthly Sister Support Call Times Are Highly Recommended & Run Until September 14!!!

Are You Ready Into Your Divine Feminine Strength?

Level One Certification for those who complete the coursework, initiation & protocols successfully!

Each Initiate…

  • Has the option (highly recommended) to attend Wisdom Webinars LIVE & Sister Support Calls (OPTION A ONLY)

  • Sets & Follows Personal & Course Goals at her own pace, documenting her journey & completed materials to be submitted at a later date

  • Conducts ceremonies, practices self-care rituals & routines, holds space & receives care

  • Gets initiated & check’s in on her journey (check-in’s for OPTION A participants)

  • Keeps a Weekly Journal of Personal Reflections

  • Keeps a Log/Checklist of Completed Activities & Notes on Lectures/Videos (CALENDAR CHECKLIST)

  • Takes photos of her altars, favorite nature sites, her medicine concoctions & ceremonies for self

  • Submits a VIDEO REFLECTION at the end of 13 WEEKS

  • Receives her Medicine Fan at the end of completing all 13 week items!


  • LOG all activities, calls, and reflections & document your progress/learning/reflections

  • Take notes on the FIVE ORIGINAL Live Wisdom Webinars (Recordings made available for OPTION B participants)

  • Attend at least 3 of the Sister Support Calls, if not 80% of them (Calls are for OPTION A only)

  • Personally conduct all ceremonies provided (personal alterations welcome) - ADDITIONAL ceremonies provided AFTER the 13 weeks - one with THREE other women of your choosing

  • Conduct all five prayers

  • Attend your one 45-Minute session, activation & initiation with Heather within three weeks of signing up

  • Attend your THREE 30-Minute Check-In Calls with Heather before the course is over (Beginning, Middle, End) (OPTION A ONLY)


  • Send an additional Reflection Video when complete with all materials & EXTRA FOUR CERTIFICATION ceremonies, too

  • Complete all of the above within a five month time period starting from when she entered the program

Participating in the Priestess Apprentice has been a significant part of helping me build the foundation of my spiritual journey. The simple act of finally creating an intentional altar has given me the “home base” I needed to connect to the deepest part of myself. Until now, I have never had an altar and it has been the missing link I needed to help me stay grounded and remind me of the sacred in my life. The teachings were also immensely helpful and dense with learning material. Most importantly, being a part of this circle of women was exactly what I needed, I have made wonderful connections...I know that we were all drawn together for a reason and that we will continue to impact each other. Heather is an incredible and thorough teacher. I so appreciate her passion and dedication to this work. She is living this work and you can feel it.
— Jeannette D'Antonio, Portland, OR U.S.A.


LEVEL II and III are not required but highly suggested for those on the committed Priestess Path. Priestess Apprentice Level II takes you deeper into your journey towards self-mastery with a focus on leadership, space holding/sacred facilitation, energy & magical healing, creating & holding women’s circles, energy healing & helping community, Mystery School rites of initiation, the “art” of ceremony & psychic/intuitive development, you as shamanic priestess, teacher OR guide. Level II is a 6-month process which includes one required retreat held in either Portland, OR (USA), Portugal or other. BEGINS 2020.

Level III focuses on becoming ordained as a master in the Priestess arts, honing the tradition(s) you hold most sacred to your heart, leading and teaching, conducting rites of passage (birth, death, coming of age, sacred union, etc), sacred sexual practices, garnering your first long-term sister coven, and mastering psychic-intuitive development & multi-dimensional ceremony. This is for those ready and naturally inclined towards the shamanic priestess life. Level III is a 13-month process. Heather’s first Level I will be held in 2022.

Priestess Apprentice of January to April 2019 meant for me a new beginning in the process of self healing. A new stage of clarity and awareness has been opened. A new perspective on responsibility arisen. During the whole process of Apprentice I felt cared for and held by all. That is an amazing experience, great thanks to the power of holding space for each other...I feel as if I found my personal manual to the happiness of life. The Apprentice helped me to cleanse myself, and find ways of cleansing, from old ways of thinking and habits not needed anymore. It was an empowering period. The balance of life, death, the stars, the moon & the sun, the plant & animal life and all my neighbors, immediate & indirect - all is my family. And we care for each other.
— May-Britt, Portugal
I have a greater sense of my soul journey and who I am, my True Self. I feel held in this knowing and it helps me to navigate the ups and downs. I also feel connected to different lineages, where I can anchor myself in practices to ground and receive support and guidance. I feel stronger, more empowered in my womanhood and most importantly, more loving with myself!
— Melanie P., Oregon