Lionsgate Courageous Heart Transmission/Ceremony

Includes the Sirian Unity Heart Template & Oneness Activation


  • What is it you came to do/be?

  • How do you wish to unravel the secrets of your Inner LightCodes during the Lionsgate?

  • What is required moving forward for humanity, beginning with Self?

Join us for a powerful Lion's StarGate (8-8) Transmission & Ceremony Instructions using the Stargate Portal energies of August. This is a great time to access your Inner Diamond Codes, Connect with Gaia's Crystal Ley Lines, and feel the power and courage of the Lion.

Around 8-8 (august 8) of each year, the Egyptians and Mayans celebrated this powerful moment for TRANSMUTATION, DEATH and REBIRTH. This was transmitted on such a date.

  • What is it you want to give away to the Waters of Time?

  • How have you sabotaged yourself and played small or faked your true being?

  • And, what are you willing to do to connect to All Creation in a more daily basis?

Access the Emerald Tablet of Truth and Gaia's Heartsong, with us, more easily assimilating the Diamond Light Codes, Emerald Codes, and Christed Blueprints flooding the planet at this most Sacred Time. This can allow you to feel The Great Connection, to flow better with your Activated Light Body, and to link your soul-heart to the Galactic Core's, Gaia's and that of the Central Son.

What's that?


And it's your birthright! All of ours...

In this Transmission (Shamanic Meditation/DNA Lightbody Upgrade) you may...

  • Experience deep relaxation along with heightened awareness

  • Go through an ENergetic, if not physical, "detox" or cleansing

  • Become more aware of your False Beliefs & Programming & Let Them Go

  • Feel a surge of Light Codes/Energy through a Kundalani Activation & Cellular Restructuring (22-Strand Reemergence()

  • Call in Greater Strength & Courage for Self-Mastery

  • Call in Self-Mastery for Greater Collective Mastery- Using Codes such as- Love, Divinity, Compassion, Intimacy, Tribe, True Courage & Power

  • Receive a Light Body Attunement to more easily assimilate the incoming Codes\

  • Feel more "connected" to your Light-Star Family

  • Feel Greater Connectivity with Christ Consciousness Codes running through you & How to Be them & utilize them for the Greater Good

  • Connect more directly to the Crystaline Grid Ley Lines

  • Further Reclaim Your Sovereign Power

  • Further Cleanse & Activate the Pineal Gland for Greater Awareness, Synchronicity & Trust in this Process