Original Templar Sophia Source Codes

A Sacred Ceremony Transmission

~ conducted at home or a sacred space ~

~ Love & Devotion belongs to All of Us ~

Join us for...

Full Soul Embodiment & Sophia Wisdom Codes

A Sacred Body Temple(ar) Codes Activation

A Blessing of Peace & Living Your Divine Mission


The Autumnal Equinox has been celebrated for aeons as a time to honor and thank Gaia for her harvests and to prepare for the underworld journey of Self-Reflection, Self-Embodiment, Collective Harmony & Balance.

As I channel this Transmission in the Fall of 2016, it was one of the most important shifts we experience or have experienced since 2012. The focus- How adaptable are you to the changing times and events in your life?

Let us prepare our Sacred Body Temples for the Sophia Christos Light that is pouring into the Earth at this time, into our light bodies of Truth. The energies are ripe for activation- Into Love, Divine Love, int0 Truth, Divine Truth.

These are the Templar Codes, the Original Sophia Christos Codes, that have been passed down through the ages through the mystics and sages, through those who carry the Original Source Codes. These Codes are your birthright- To remember who you truly are, to awaken to your true Soul Potential, to ignite the Love Flame of Your Sacred Devotion to All that is True and All that is Life. In practical terms- To Be who you were meant to be and live the life/world you were meant to live.

You are like the water, waiting to flow into the sea...


Yes! You can...

  • Ignite your Stone Flame Heart

  • Dismantle Your Personal Ego Matrix

  • Activate Your Divine Mission & Truth

  • Honor the Codes of Ancient Teachings & Luminous Way of the Sacred Heart

  • Infuse the Land with Your Dream Memory of Your True Soul's Mission

  • Receive the Ancient Wisdom Teachings that Your Soul ALready Knows

  • Awaken Your Collective DNA Memory with the Golden Age of Gaia

  • Commit to Gaia & All Relations through Your Body

For all Relations, for Gaia, for your Soul's Full Embodiment at this most magnificent time.

In the audio meditation-transmission & ceremony, you may...

  • Magnify your Heart of Devotion to Your Divine Plan - Align with Gaia

  • Unblock the Lower Chakras - Purify Your Diamond Heart of Love

  • Purify your Wounded Christos heart (Wounded Healer/ Wounded Warrior)

  • Return the Christos Sophia GRael to Your Divine Temple of Devotion

  • Restore Templar Codes-Order to Your Sacred Body & Heart

  • Restore the Magi Order of Your Higher Christ Consciousness

  • Purify the Ancestral Bloodline

  • Reclaim Sovereignty as a Divine Conduit of Light

  • Dissolve Duality Consciousness into Oneness Consciousness

  • Access the Greater Sophia Grael Truths & Ancestral Overlays

  • Access & Better Adapt to the New Diamond Codes of Light Pouring In

  • Bring Unconscious Thought Programs into Conscious Awareness

  • Integrate the Divine Feminine Codes - Activate Templar Abilities

The Original Templar-Sophia Source Codes are the Original Dream Codes of Light seeded into Gaia long ago, where Original memory of Who You Really Are, who We really are, stands. This includes certain human aspirations, which include, while in a human body at this time on Earth...

  • Full SOvereignty here on Earth

  • A Sacred Body Temple

  • Sacred Self Union

  • INtegrity, Sanctity, Honor, Courage

  • Interconnectivity & Community

  • Order in the Chaos/Chaos & Freedom within the Order

  • Sacred Twin Flame Unions

  • Magdalene Body of Ethics

  • Grael-Glandular Hormone Balance

  • Divine Virility, Fecundity, Unity of Sacred Marriage

  • Unity Consciousness

  • Formlessness within a Human Form/A Human Form that is Endless & Expansive

  • LOyalty & Sacred Devotion to the All I AM, first beginning with your own Full Soul Embodiment

  • TRUE DIVINE LOVE: Of Self, Of Other, Of All Living Beings, Of Creation