Heather Straube

JANUARY 17, 18 & 19

Priestess Apprentice

Level One Certification In The Living Light Lineage of the White Rose

 & The Way of the Sacred Medicine Woman

three nights, two days workshop, training & sacred warrior circle

at The Little Church in NE Portland

The time of the medicine woman is here. The women are rising, reclaiming their birthright, their ancestral and personal magic. Priestess Apprentice helps you do just that, reclaim your divine potential to be free, sovereign & full.
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With Priestess Apprentice

SLIDING SCALE $333-$888.


Some scholarships offered with preference given to BIPOC & LGBTQ.

The Priestess Warrior is one who…

  • Lives through the heart

  • Practices radical self-care

  • Feels a deep connection to her body’s wisdom and to Gaia (Mother Earth)

  • Waters her daily life with tenderness, strength and wise woman practices

  • Knows her self-worth and applies her gifts in real life

  • Shares her service selflessly with the world

  • Knows her self, her energetic needs and her boundaries

  • Cares for children, plants, her lover, her sisters and the feminine identified

  • Nurtures the Divine Feminine in all aspects of her life

IN LEVEL ONE, we do just that. We start with our own wombs, our own breath, or own wounds, our deepest calling in of Divine Feminine Presence. We break free, to break open all kinds of possibilities. We dance, we learn, we conduct ceremony.

What is it you lost?

What are you willing to do to get it back?

Join us in the sacred sister circle in Portland for a three day training & initiation event...


This is what we do.

Make magic, move mountains.


2 Days/3 Nights Workshop, Supply & Space Fees

Sliding Scale Fee $333-$888


Needing a Payment Plan?

Save Your Seat with a $150 Deposit!

13 Spots Available!

I feel blessed to have participated Priestess Apprentice I. The materials were phenomenal. This definitely put me on a path of self-mastery. The tapestry of women, levels of experience, each with their own gifts, was beautiful to witness. I have gained knowledge, wisdom and closeness to my ancestors, guides and goddesses of my heritage. My intuition has grown. Practicing ceremony was a gift that is now a practice. The bottom line is that I’ve gained so much more than what I was hoping for.
— Susan W. Portland, OR.

In this apprenticeship, you will...

  • Dive into Your Soul's Desires with Other "Searching" Sisters & Feminine Identified

  • Receive Priestess Apprentice (Level One) Initiation & Light Codes

  • Hone Your Self-Love, Personal Ceremony, Altar Creation Craft

  • Re-Commit to Gaia, Your Sacred Desire & Body/Nature Rituals

  • Dabble in the Ways of the Wild Medicine Woman, Including Plant Knowledge, Knowledge of the Goddess & Other Priestess Medicine Ways

  • Practice Ceremony, Energetic Cleansings, Earthing/Nature Connecting

  • Create a Covenant of Sisters & Sisterly Devotion

  • Examine Your Own Wild Woman Requirements & Needs

  • Move, Meditate & Dance Wildly & Freely

  • Conduct Ancestral Clearing (Mother Wound) Ceremony

  • Claim Womb Sovereignty, Joy, Pleasure & Divine Wisdom for Your Life

  • Commit to Finding Your Ancestral Lineage & Personal Wisdom Codes

  • Forgive & Be Forgiven for Colonial Oppression of the Earth, Ancestral Knowledge & that of Marginalized Peoples & Their Lands

  • Learn to Better Walk with Integrity, Respect & Love in Service on the Earth

Participating in the Priestess Apprentice has been a significant part of helping me build the foundation of my spiritual journey. It has been the missing link I needed to stay grounded and remind me of the sacred in my life. Most importantly, being a part of this circle of women was exactly what I needed, I have made wonderful connections. Heather is an incredible and thorough teacher. I so appreciate her passion and dedication to this work. She is living this work and you can feel it.
— Jeannette D'Antonio, Portland, OR U.S.A.

At Priestess Apprentice, You Will…

  • Get Initiated Into the Living Light Lineage of the White Rose, a Holy Sofia Order

  • Develop Your Personal Self-Love, Self-Mastery Techniques

  • Honor Your Sacred Feminine Vessel, the Body & The Womb

  • Move, Dance, Shake, Breathe, Meditate, Release, Connect

  • Conduct Ceremonies & Moon Medicine Rituals

  • Sit at the Sacred Priestess Circle

  • Create Medicine Art Cards

  • Develop Your Personal Altar & Sacred Rites of Passage

  • Define Who You Are & Why You Came

  • Learn to Hold Space for Other Women/Womben

  • Receive Invaluable Insights from Heather on Your Path

  • Gain Insightful Knowledge into the Priestess (Medicine Woman) Path & the History of the Divine Feminine

  • Get Priestess (Holy Sofia) Transmissions-Energetic Upgrades

  • Take Home the 175-Page Priestess Apprentice Manual for Self-Love, Self-Mastery, Space Holding

  • Get the Training Certificate in LEVEL ONE after Completion of Ceremonies Outside of this Profound Three-Day Workshop

  • and more...


"Let nothing come between a woman and her altar."

~ Heather


Prepare for Your Training...


Please Bring

A Sacred Journal/Art Book/Art Supplies

Comfortable Clothes That Emphasize Your Power & Priestess Potential

(Please bring one fully white outfit and one red outfit, as well as comfortable clothing to dance, stretch and move in)

Outdoor Clothing, Including Rain Jacket, Indoor Slippers/Booties

Favorite Breakfast Items/Snacks (Snacks & refreshments provided throughout the workshop as well)

* * *


Required (and Suggested) Items from the ALTARS LIST

( to be sent upon registration and closer to the event)

Nature Elements to Offer to Gaia/Mother Earth & The Ancestors

(Always Ask Permission)

This journey guided me to a safe space of communion, discovering and committing to put in practice self-love...to becoming aware of just how important self-care, discipline and ceremony, plant medicine, women wisdom are. One of the greatest gifts for me, personally, was a sense of sovereignty and reconnecting with an intuitive timeless knowledge of passages and teachings. Sharing this journey with other women, feeling safe, welcomed and guided is not something I experience often. The apprentice journey...shook me up, but just enough. It gently nudged me on when I felt like giving it all up. It did’t let me hide away....
— Margarida, Lisbon, Portugal



JAN 17, 18, 19

FRIDAY - 5:30pm-10:30pm  

SATURDAY - 8am-10:30pm

SUNDAY - 9am-9:30pm


  • Three nights/two days of deep diving into your ancestral warrior ways & priestess birthright

  • Three dinners, two lunches, snacks and refreshments

  • Initiation Certificate declaring your rite of passage into Heather’s lineage

  • Art, altar & writing supplies

  • Heather’s Priestess Apprentice Manual with months’ worth of Activities, Commitments & Sacred Tools

  • 5 Sacred Talks for Home Study

  • Your Altar Starter Kit

  • OPTIONAL: Receive Official Training Certificate to move on to Level II as well as a hand-crafted medicine fan from Heather!


$150 is due to secure your spot for Priestess Apprentice. The remaining is due in check or money order at Friday’s check-in.


Full refund available if by Solstice, Dec. 21. Partial refund three weeks before, not afterwards. In the case of a medical or natural emergency, there might be wiggle room.


The Little Church, 5138 NE 23rd, Portland, OR


Our training will be hosted in the luscious and deeply feminine Little Church in NE Portland with much room to move, feast, pray, touch and be touched and shake it all free!

NEEDING ACCOMMODATIONS? Just ask. There may be women willing to house you. And, AIRBN is always a great option!

During your registration, please indicate your dietary needs. Thank you.


LEVEL II and III are highly suggested for those on the committed Priestess Path. Priestess Apprentice Level II takes you deeper into your journey towards self-mastery with a focus on leadership, space holding/sacred facilitation, energy & magical healing, creating & holding women’s circles, energy healing & helping community, Mystery School rites of initiation, the “art” of ceremony & psychic/intuitive development, you as shamanic priestess, teacher OR guide. Level II is a 6-month process which includes one required retreat held in either Portland, OR (USA), Portugal or other. BEGINS 2020.

Level III focuses on becoming ordained as a master in the Priestess arts, honing the tradition(s) you hold most sacred to your heart, leading and teaching, conducting rites of passage (birth, death, coming of age, sacred union, etc), sacred sexual practices, garnering your first long-term sister coven, and mastering psychic-intuitive development & multi-dimensional ceremony. This is for those ready and naturally inclined towards the shamanic priestess life. Level III is a 13-month process. Heather’s first Level I will be held in 2022.