Sacred Activist Transmission




Do you see too much pain in the world?

Is your heart too big for all of this deception and suffering?

Is it time to make a change?

Join us for The Sacred Activist Oath during this important time in our lives. The world can seem so dark and yet we still strive to be better humans, to lend a helping hand, to seek truth and justice in the world. Sometimes, it can seem unending and daunting, at other times our passion and motivation carry us through...

Now, is the time of THE SACRED ACTIVIST to make a stand.

Now is not the time to give up.

We are just getting started.

Combining Spiritual Wisdom, Your Sacred Heart and Action for a better world...

  • What is it you hope to see change in the world?

  • Where can your heart and spirit be best of service?

  • And, how can greater balance, calm, courage and resilience in your own life create a better tomorrow?

In this AUDIO TRANSMISSION CEREMONY, we will activate our Sacred Activist Hearts and commit to making long-lasting, positive change in our lives and in the lives of Mother Earth and her People. If we have already made such an oath, we will renew our vows of Integrity, Freedom, Expression, Strength, Empathy & Courageous Action. TOGETHER.

Through /transmission, we journey through the Knights Templar sacred site of TOMAR, PORTUGAL. When I visited this special place, it became quite clear to me that the Tomar Codes (the frequency, sound & vibration of this space) hold a specific sacred knowledge, the "codes" of Divine Chivalry, helping raise our consciousness, our light quotient, and our capacity to stay steadfast, passionate and compassionate during the hardest of times.