The Right Time Is Now

My life has exploded since my reading with you! All positive.
1) I decided that I was not going to wait for “perfect” circumstances to step into my power.
2) I finally received funding to go to Chicago to present research I did on healing touch (ht) and veterans.
3) I got approval to start a local HT professional association chapter.
4) I received two invites from local business to come teach intro to ht (paying gigs)
5) I was gifted a new laptop for my ht business
6) and I have had a lot of new clients booking with me.

They are having rapid shifts and amazing results after a session. I can’t thank you enough
— Maria Anderson, Nurse, Reiki Master/Teacher, Healing Touch, Portland, Oregon USA

Get the Messages You're Craving

Thank you thank you thank you! I love your work and feel it is VERY PURE and DOWN TO EARTH. Thanks for being the channel. It was so amazing to receive those messages. I would truly give you a 5 and I am very particular with the channels and healers I let work with me...
— Corrie Anne, Portland, Oregon USA

Abundance & Flow

I’m so grateful you’ve been on our path and I wish it’s just the beginning. We’ve never met such a master. You’re very very special. Since we came back from France, we’ve been visiting a lot of places in the countryside and last week, I felt my body vibrating. We’ve found the land were we want to live. It’s a beautiful valley with a permaculture community. It’s not done yet, there are a few challenges but I know and I trust my feelings. Even the banker agrees to give us a big loan! Tomorrow, I have a special meeting with Pachamama. I didn’t feel the call for 18 months, but I know that now is the time, and I’m very excited about it. I’m doing better with my daughters. Life is so beautiful! I just wanted to share my joy and gratitude with you.
— Annette Gilleron, Lisbon, PORTUGAL

The Importance of Joy & Authenticity

Excellent experience. Heather, you are an inspiration of wisdom, wit and authenticity:) thanks!
— Pamela Wright, Author of ‘Inquire Within’ Portland, Oregon USA

Life-Affirming Choices

Heather has the ability to feel deeply into a situation or tendency, and then clearly articulate THE SOUL’S DEEPEST YEARNING, as well, as guide toward the most life-affirming choices. Her grace, sense of humor and ability to connect at the heart, are the added gifts she brings to her well-honed intuition. I recommend working with Heather to both EXPAND YOUR VISION, and ground your commitment.
— Kathleen Hanagan, Love & Business Sage Alexandria, Virginia USA

See What You Are Unable To See

I would recommend ANYONE THAT FEELS STUCK, in any form, to take the time to experience a reading with Heather as she truly has a gift for reaching into people and reflecting back onto them what sometimes they are unable or unwilling to see. Heather has helped me overcome some difficult personal challenges by listening and coaching me back onto my path. Heather has a true gift for seeing what we sometimes cannot. Heather’s intuition mixed with her preciseness lead this experience to be of great worth as she pinpointed specifics of what I was going through and gave me great suggestions. The POSITIVITY and RECEPTIVENESS that Heather brought to the reading also helped in putting me at ease.
— Chad Burge Portland, Oregon USA

Off All Medications

After surviving two cancer diagnoses and treatments by body, mind and soul were pretty bruised. With Heather’s help I’m off all medication and more in tune with my higher purpose than I ever dreamed possible. Heather is an astounding healer, talented psychic, inspiring teacher and beautiful soul.
— Melissa Owens, Portland, Oregon USA

A New Direction

Heather is a gifted healer and teacher! I took Rieki One with her and it was exceptional! Her ability to channel is masterful and the insights given set me gracefully into a new direction. I also have started private sessions with her and she has been both supportive and nurturing, as well as clear and strong, with great flexibility and balance. To find a talented, wise, devoted, mystic healer who also embraces and thrives on the human level has been, in my experience, hard to come by. She stands out in my mind and I feel grateful to know her.
— Shane M, Knoxville, Tennessee USA

The Peace of Being In the Moment

I felt different, a more fluid channel of light and love, the peace of being in the moment comes so easily now. I feel enormous gratitude for your kind help. I’ve been processing all the information and energy work. It was so accurate that after I finished the video a enormous wave of love and gratitude invaded my heart towards you and all the light beings, included my highest self. You talked about cryptocurrency and that’s one of the things I’ve been learning and investing my time lately. Wow! I was so happy to know about my White Dragon Clan. I’ve been seeing and feeling dragons in my meditations for awhile now and feeling a big connection with everything related to it and now I know why. All made so much sense. Now I’ll let it all deepen inside of me. I’m feeling some questions are coming and maybe answers also. Sending you all the love in the Universe!
— Nuno Yee, Lisbon, PORTUGAL

Expect Change to Come Your Way

You are truly a catalyst, Heather! I have to say, my life has changed profoundly since my Reiki Level 3 with you in Feb 2013. You are gifted, grounded, and acutely attuned to spirit! Blessings and thanks!
— Hyla L. Hitchcox, B.A., B.S., LMT, Acupuncturist, Reiki Master Teacher, Pickerington, Ohio USA