Welcome to Your Priestess Apprentice Materials Page!

Use this place to retrieve and download all materials needed to succeed at Priestess Apprentice 2019 Level One!

Make a sacred journal or notebook that can house all of these items along with photos or artifacts of your ceremonies and reflections/experiences as we go -

Below the items is a reminder list for how to do your best to work towards the certification aspect of the program!

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WEEKS 1-2 (Items Best Done Before January 26 Call)

Priestess Apprentice Schedule/Log for Certification & Recording Keeping

January 12: CALL #1 RECORDING

Priestess Call Oath (Script for Jan. 12 Call)

Guidelines for Group Calls/Due Dates/Names/Emails

New Year, New You Invocation Ceremony (Ceremony #1)

How to Make Your Objects "Sacred" (Get “em Clean/Email Response)

Video Class #1/Worksheet #1 (Coming Soon)



Each Initiate…

  • Attends Calls, Take Notes & Contribute to Sister Break Out Calls

  • Sets & Follows Personal & Course Goals with Sister Check-In’s

  • Conducts ceremonies, practices self-care rituals & routines, holds space & receives care

  • Keeps a Weekly Journal of Personal Reflections (on your own, but samples as well as photos of altars or ceremonies are highly recommended for your memory and for certification!)

  • Keeps a Log/Checklist of Completed Activities & Notes on Lectures/Videos

  • Shares her Ceremony Insights after each (save your artifacts, photos, art, journal excerpts for your Priestess Portfolio & to share)

  • Presents her Letter/Personal Priestess Oath in the final (TWO HOUR) group call, call #5


  • Use the provided forms/journal prompts to LOG all activities, calls, and reflections & document your progress/learning/reflections

  • Attend all 5 Teacher-Led Calls (4/5 is acceptable in the case of an emergency, recordings available of these)

  • Attend at least 4 of the 5 small group SISTER SUPPORT calls

  • Personally conduct at least 4 of the 5 provided ceremonies (some personal alterations may be allowed), one with THREE other women of your choosing

  • Conduct all five prayers

  • Complete your THREE self-designed Nature Routine/Remedies (later in the course)

  • Attend your one 45-Minute session, activation & initation with Heather

  • Watch & take notes on provided training videos (4-6 provided)

  • Share your final CLOSING Call (#SIX) letter or personal oath to share your medicine & devote to being a priestess self-love

  • Follow the 3-Month Priestess Level One Protocol after online program is done (one ceremony per month and other good stuff!)

  • Send a 30-Minute Reflection Video before week 17 as a “final assessment”/reflection

LEVEL II and III are not required but highly suggested for those on the committed Priestess Path. Priestess Apprentice Level II takes you deeper into your journey towards self-mastery with a focus on leadership, space holding/sacred facilitation, energy & magical healing, creating & holding women’s circles, healing & helping community, the “art” of ceremony & psychic/intuitive development, you as shamanic priestess, teacher OR guide. Level II is a 6-month process which includes one required retreat held in either Portland, OR (USA), Hawaii or Portugal. 1-2 will be held in 2019.

Level III focuses on becoming ordained as a master in the Priestess arts, honing the tradition(s) you hold most sacred to your heart, leading and teaching, conducting rites of passage (birth, death, coming of age, sacred union, etc), sacred sexual practices, garnering your first long-term sister coven, and mastering psychic-intuitive development & multi-dimensional ceremony. Level III is a 13-month process. Heather’s first Level I will be held in 2020.

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